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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My daughter's newly diagnosed but I thought you might get some use out of what her doc did. While we were waiting on the appointment for the biopsy we knew we still had to give her gluten but we really hated to since the blood work said she was. Well the doctor said keep a journal. For two days be a fanatic about gluten make sure she doesn't get any, and that you don't give her any threw the breast milk. Make sure you write down her meals. After that feed her two meals gluten free, on meal with gluten. Write down the meals along with anything you notice also write when she has a bowel movement and what it's like. When we showed up with the journal we all knew she had Celiacs and to what extent. Mine is really sensitive but your's might not be. But your doctors will have a document to study and the boipsy will just be a preliminary. Good Luck!
  3. Thank You Everyone For Your Suggestions. They've been really helpful. We recently tried Ihop with the little one in tow and they were amazing. They had no problems working with us, made us an omelite using skillet instead of grill and didn't add any pancake batter. Absolute sweethearts. And the more I'm on this diet the more I'm seeing results, even my faimly say they are seeing them as well. Accidently had some gluten last night and I thought I was going to have to hug a trash can all night. So, I think it's pretty safe to say that Sage got it from me. Once again, thank you everyone. It's always nice to know that your not alone in this. Love and Thanks, Becca
  4. Okay so after reading the Gluten-Free Bible I learned celiac's can lay dormant till you're thirty. Which is a few yrs away for me but some of the milder side effects fit. I won't go into detail but I'd started having problems a lil before become pregnant with Sage, my teeth turning yellow, low immune system, RA, and a few other things. So maybe I'm parinoid but I though hey there's a chance that I could have it, and I don't have the money to get tested. I decided to do the diet and stay strict about it for two weeks and see if it made a difference. This really is not easy, I'm fine when I'm at home with Sage but the other night I went out with my honey for the first time in forever and he picks Cracker Barrel. I don't know if I'm just so new to this that I couldn't find anything but I could not find anything on that menu gluten-free. I know he was just being sweet and I was crazy not to say anything but all I thought was, He won't take me out to eat again if I say anything because he'll think he can't. Sorry, mostly I'm just venting. I'm so new to this that sometimes I just feel really confused. Thanks to everyone for listening.
  5. My daughter 15 months old and just recently diagnosed with celiac's even though it would apear that's she's had it from birth because we had problems from the beginning and hospitalizations from a month old. I can't afford the foods or all the tracts up the Birmingham to see her doctor without going back to work. Yet I can't put Sage in day care besides worrying about her Celiac's she has meds she has to take. Vitamin, Zantec, gas drops. I'd be afraid of her not getting one of her meds and being in pain. So, I went and signed her up for disabilty which will allow me to work 25 hours only (during those breif times, my mom can watch her) and have money from disability to get her foods and needs meet. What I'd like to know is has anyone else tried this? How'd it go? Thanks So Much, Becca
  6. I know the feeling of going frantic but we soaked everything down and have had no problems.
  7. My daughter Sage is 15 months old and just recently diagnosed but was hospitalized at a month old for her celiac symptoms. So I know that at least a little bit before a month old she had to have had some kind of wheat. I've been racking my brain because Sage was breastfeed, how did she get wheat? And now I'm watching and seeing the results in myself from being on the gluten-free diet with her. But this is the first time I've come across any other children as young as Sage. I don't feel like such an alien now, and I defenetly feel less like a gluten monster that's hurt my baby.
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