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  1. Thanks to everyone for your advice. My wife and I have agreed to make our home gluten free (other than bread for making me lunch for work). Many of the signs of celiac are also symptoms of being pregnant. We find that she is tired all the time even though we are in the 2nd trimester. Perhaps that has to do with eating glutens. How long does it take for a gluten free diet to start helping? I am especially interested in regards to getting proper nutrition for the baby. I've read that it takes 6mos or more for the intestines to heal but I hope that we can positively effect the baby prior to that considering that we only have 4mos left of the pregnancy. I read about somone else drinking ensure to help boost nutritional levels. Are there other things we can do to increase the value of the food for the baby while my wife heals? We live in central NJ. If anyone knows of a good doctor in that area to get advice from it would be wonderful. So far I have been very disapointed in the knollege of our OB and High Risk Doctor.
  2. My wife just got diagnoased with celiacs based on a blood test that was ordered due to a concern with low iron by her endocrinologist who she sees due to being an insulin dependent diabetic. The OB and high risk doctor where not really worried about the iron levels (they are not terrible) and don't seem to have a clue about celiacs. My wife does not have any symptoms that can not also be explained by being pregnent (she is often tired but does not have abdominal pain, gas, or anything like that). She tried going gluten free as soon as she found out but found that the diet led to high blood sugers (Many the kinds of food you get pointed to are pretty much not the right food for diabetics) and got worried that she was doing more harm than good. At this point she has cut down on glutens but not eliminated it while we try to get smarter. From what I've read there is no such thing as having a "mild" case of celiacs so I worry about my wife and the baby. My wife is very frustrated (not to mention pregnant woman hormones) and does not want to believe the this could be true (neither do I for that matter). How often do the blood tests turn out to be wrong? We have an appointment with a gastro person in a few weeks but I don't think they will do a biopsy due to her pregnency. At this point the baby is right on schedule weight wise but being 20 weeks in the real growth has not started yet so I don't know if that means anything. Sorry for the ramble but I'm trying to figure out how serious this is and how best to proceed. Reading this forum I have to admit I find myself pretty worried.
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