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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi Sonja, Have you checked your non-dairy liquids (i.e. Soy milk or lactose free milk) if that is what you are consuming? Some non-dairy liquids can have gluten in them. The best way to make sure is to contact the manufacturer of the product you are using. As for the cat food, I suppose it can be the same issue as shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc. but if you are not getting it on yourself without washing there would be no reason. You have to ingest gluten for it to damage your intestine, so therefore with shampoo, conditioner, lotion it can possibly get ingested by mistake (finger biting, chewing on hair, etc.). Just be very wary of what you put in your mouth and also beware of cleaning up so that your foods do not get contaminated. Water is gluten-free, but I would check the coffee. If you are brewing it yourself and it is not flavoured then you should be fine. If you are buying it somewhere check with your server.....especially if your are not drinking it black. I know here in Canada and the US a lot of coffee shops (i.e. Starbucks and Second Cup) have dairy in their mixes, so if you want to make sure you are not getting any diary then just have a latte with tyrrany syrup because it's just sugar and water. Hope this post helps. Good luck. Amiee from NS, Canada
  3. Hi Sonja, I am glad to hear that you are feeling better right away. I also started my gluten-free diet the day after you did and I am starting to feel a bit better I believe......at least I can notice a difference in my bowel functions and my bloating. I am still having gas and dull pain in my intestines when I have a bowel movement. I am not so sure what that is, but it comes with cramping as well. I assume it is either because my body does not like soy or corn. I have not figured out which one it is yet. I started taking Magnesium Glycinate and Probiotics so I am hoping that the constipation will subside more and it seems to be helping. It all really depends on the damage to your intestine so if you do not have much damage your gluten-free diet will make you feel better right away. If they are more damaged then it will take some time, so I am still hanging in there on the gluten-free and non-dairy diet and then I will wait to see my Naturopath next month. Continue to feel better and keep us updated. Amiee from NS, Canada
  4. Well I live in Halifax and downtown offers a few gluten-free foods depending on your tastes. I now like Thai food as they cook with great gluten-free ingredients. I like the Pas Thai myself because it has rice noodles and everything is gluten-free in it. There are two great Thai restaurants: - Baan Thai on Dresden Row (off Spring Garden Rd. right past Pete's Frootique - which also has a variety of gluten-free foods). - Talay Thai on Barrington St. (just past Morris St.) This one is my fav. There is also a restaurant that gives you the option to choose gluten-free noodles. This restaurant is right inside the Cambridge Suites hotel on Brunswick St. If you want a great grocery store I do recommend the Jospeh Howe St. Atlantic Superstore as it has many gluten-free foods as well as Planet Organic (aka Great Ocean) on Quinpool Rd. Hope this helps. Amiee from NS
  5. Hi Sonja, I know exactly how you feel and I agree with everyone who posted. I myself have been battling for a diagnosis for more than a year now. Symptoms getting worse as time went by. After being tested for everything you can think of one of my aunt's was diagnosed with Celiac and another with IBS. Both my aunt's are now gluten-free and the one that has IBS is feeling better whereas the one diagnosed with Celiac is still having major GI problems. I went back to my Naturopathic Doctor with this new information and she told me that I had to be Celiac too. I have now been gluten-free and DF since Dec. 14th and I am not looking back. With all this struggle trying to find a diagnosis I know my own body and depression, gas/bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, high blood pressure, tachycardia, dizzy spells, nausea, etc. are not normal no wonder what your family doctor says. Stand up to your doctor. Do not be afraid they will think you are a hypochrondriac. They most likely think you already are one. I know my doctor thinks I am one and I don't care. I pay for their services, so they should treat me as a customer not a psycho case. I am a bit bitter when it comes to doctor's because my mother was misdiagnosed after her cancer relapsing. Her doctor told her it was stress at home. Can you believe that? After her having cancer a few years before that. Wouldn't common sense say to check for cancer first? Anyways, needless to say my mother is no longer with me and she died at the age of 44. This is why I do not take word for word what a doctor says. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions. Of course my family doctor is there to request the tests, but I have to push for them. God love ya and stay strong. Good luck on the gluten-free if you decide to do so. Amiee
  6. Rebecca, It's funny you mentioned that. I have been having night sweats (totally soaked) for over a year now. I didn't know why. I figured it was because I was really hot in bed even though I just had a comforter on me. Having so many symptoms you wonder what is real or not real anymore. I have just started gluten-free Dec. 14th, so I will let you know if it improves. I had been tested for thyroid before, but it came back negative. Mind you I have done a lot of research on thyroid and I guess it is tricky to diagnose. Amiee
  7. Hi Kaycee, I am a newly diagnosed Celiac by my Naturopath. I have been seeing her for over a year now and between her and my family doctor I have gone through many tests including, barium enema, several blood tests, Upper GI & small bowel, etc. None of which were very fun. My doctor first tested me for Celiac while I was on a wheat-free diet. Needless to say the tests came back negative. I just recently went for more blood work (now being off the wheat-free diet for months) and also had the Upper GI & small bowel x-ray. I am really not sure what that is going to tell my doctor because the villi are microscopic and the x-ray is not going to pick that up. You gotta wonder when you have more knowledge than your own doctor about a disease. Currently I am waiting for all these tests to come back, but since it's Christmas time I am sure I will not hear from my doctor until the new year. Let's hope she asks for a biopsy because I am going to tell her NO and she will be so shocked. I already been diagnosed by my Naturopath. Amiee
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