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  1. Breadmaker newbie here. The only other recipe I've tried, just had me mix the wet and dry ingredients separately, then throw them together into the breadmaker, which then mixed it all up. Do I need to mix this recipe outside, or do I do the same thing I've done before? Also, how do I know when to reach down through the batter to remove the kneading paddle? My first loaf I forgot all about it, and lost a couple slices to it...
  2. So we made our first loaf of gluten-free bread a few nights ago. Came out pretty well, but I'm going to try the recipe here next, to see if that comes out better.... couple of questions: 1) What's the shelf life of the loaf after being made? Should we store it in the fridge, or in the breadbox? 2) And this may seem silly, but how do you get the kneading paddle out of the loaf? I hadn't thought of this before making it, and didn't really even think about it until I went to clean the pan, and noticed it was missing. I ended up cutting the loaf right along side where the paddle was, and pulling it out. I don't think more than 2 slices were affected, as in had big holes in them...hehe. Anyway, we're also looking for a good pizza dough, as we like to order in every once in a while, and want our daughter to be able to have pizza too...
  3. We had the biopsy done on our daughter a few weeks ago. She also has Type 1 diabetes, and had been complaining even before that diagnosis that her tummy hurt, pretty much off and on all the time. Mostly, it would be first thing in the morning, and then would stop complaining about it after eating, so we at first thought that she was just hungry and couldn't differentiate. Anyway, last February she had her annual diabetes blood work done, and the doctor had them test for celiac based on her tummy hurting all the time. Her antibodies were extremely high. He immediately wanted to send us to a GI for further evaluation, but we decided to hold off. The reasoning for us was that she didn't have "full blown" symptoms; no diarhea, no massive intestinal pain, she was gaining weight, etc. We finally broke down about a month ago, and made the appointment with the GI. She was wonderful. She took a look at the blood work, said yes, she should have the biopsy, and squeezed her into her schedule the next day. After that, our daughter has been pretty much gluten free, and has not complained of tummy ache since.... I guess my point with all this rambling is that you know your daughter best. As others have said, stick to your guns and do what you feel is best for you and your daughter. God Bless
  4. I just wanted to add my thanks to all that have responded to this thread. Our daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac about 3 weeks ago, just before Christmas, oh yay!..... Today was her first day back to school, and of course, in the rush, I didn't have time to put anything together, so she got to have a bunless cheeseburger for lunch.... I've really been wracking my brain trying to come up with easy stuff to give her, while at the same time considering carbs, and how to count how many carbs she gets. In addition to having Celiac, she is also Type 1 diabetic, so the carb counting is very important. We've also been given a breadmaker, so we are looking forward to trying to bake our own, and hopefully we can get her to eat it...lol; at 7 years old, she definitely knows when something is the least bit different. We tried a brown rice loaf, which was very dense (I thought it was pretty good, warmed up, with butter and jelly on it...hehe) and a tapioca lite loaf, which was crumbly (she said it tasted like sand in her mouth...) Anyway, rambling here, but I just wanted to thank everyone for the ideas, gives us lots to think about...
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