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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank You everyone for all the great info offered in this thread. If a supplement has grain alcohol in it does that mean for sure there is gluten?
  3. I couldn't find the link to start a new topic but can someone please tell me if there is gluten in soy? I still don't understand. Are they separate maladies, gluten and soy intolerance, are they linked or is there actually gluten in soy??
  4. Beautiful post Nancym! I went to you r very helpful links. I Just this morning began reading "Wheat Free Worry Free" The art of happy healthy gluten free living - by Danna Korn and she sums up the exact question I have which may be a question only of semantics with this quote on page 20. "In most cases though, the terms wheat and gluten intolerance or sensitivity are used when the condition is, in fact, Celiac Disease."
  5. I have been told by the active posters on this site that my sensitivity to gluten, which was suggested by my chiropractor, is no less serious than Celiac Disease. I was under a different impression but am now open to hear more opinions. My mind is now open to this new information.
  6. Ursula, It is difficult to take your advice when you make comments like "Gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity is every bit as serious as celiac disease." Its just not true. Although gluten sensitivity can be serious, it is not as serious as Celiac. Celiac is definitely one step more serious. A big step. Some people simply lose their energy and get tired by consuming gluten and choose to eliminate or lessen it from their diet. I do not purposely consume gluten but rather think that ther amount that could affect me through a bar of soap or a toaster or restaurant contamination of eating at a friend's house or an occasionally slip might average out to 3%, just a # a came up with. So I will still visit healthy style restaurants ( we as a family never do fast foods). (I love my sushi) wheras you may not choose to. Perhaps the 2 of us just are using the term "gluten sensitivity" differently. You as a technical term and me as a more general term. In the last 24 hours I have had emails coming in saying I have Lyme diseae, fibromyalgia. Hypoglycemia and Diabetes. I have been told on this site to get Bone density checks, dementia screening. I should be worried about getting cancer, MS, Other Nervous disorders, Anemia and other not so nice stuff.... Excuse me I choose not to spend my energy worrying about all those maladies. I go to Chiropractors and Wholistic practicioners whenever possible because the Traditional medical doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are in bed together and would love to overmedicate us with life threatening drugs to make a profit. The drug corporations in this country are the most corrupt enterprise known. Doctors will send you for totally unneeded dangerous tests and prescribe dangerous unnessary drugs just because thats what they do for a living. They don't know or care about preventative medicine or natural remedies. I was told to take Lipitor 2 years ago for high cholesterol. I think you will eventually see that drug taken off the market like other antoi cholesterol drugs recently have by Pfizer etc because they caused too many deaths. I hace used fish oil, red rice yeast and anti-oxidants to lower my cholesterol to a perfect score now. There are other ways out there to do things besides spending my life going for expensive useless screenings and testings for all these things. One emailer is insisting I go for Lyme disease testing asap. So you see I have a real concern for my intolerance to gluten and a realistic approach to healing myself. I find if I go overboard and try to hard to be too perfect I will get more frustrated and may give up on thge advances I have made. Support from colleagues for the advances I am making do alot more than alarmist scare tactics to help me. I think I already know your response to most of my statements so it is not necessary to respond to this post. Your 1st post to me had alot of excellent information and I thank you for that.
  7. Thanks for the reply, however both of you are confusing sensitivity to gluten with Celiac disease. I may develop full blown celiac but I am not there yet. I am doing great by being aware and careful of what I consume. You are absolutely wrong about an occasional gluten episode keeping me sick and making me sicker. You need to focus on the positive. 97% is really really good if I can keep it up. I feel so much better than I used to when I had no clue. These other maladies that you are both warning me of are alarmist and uncalled for with the info you have about me. Thanks for the recoomended books. Today I consumed no gluten and I feel good. Tomorrow if I slip a little, I will not fear dimentia.
  8. Hi again Remember I said I am only gluten intolerant. For me to be 97% free of gluten is incredible compared to the way I used to be. I will strive to eliminate most glutem from my diet and I will feel so much better than I used to. A full blown celiac must be ultra carefu. A person with a sensitivity to gluten like myself can improve their health and lifestyle by using dietary cautions. You have no right to jump to some of your fargone conclusions. I deserve accolades for striving for 97% gluten free not someone telling me I will remain sick.
  9. Ursula Well Thank You for all the info. I guess the dinner problem is with pasta. Wheat noodles vs Rice noodles etc. But thanks for the toaster and collander etc suggestions. First I heard of that but of course it makes sense. I don't think its essential that I be 100% gluten free although it would be better. Maybe if I stay 97% free I will feel 97% better and that would be great. Sometimes I find if I try to do something completey correct I will get frustrated and quit./ I may need to lower the bar to suit my personality. Of course people with full blown Celiac do not have this option but I think I am only gluten sensitive orintolerant. I think a good avoidance of gluten will keep the disaese away but maybe not. I am 58. Congratulations on all the grandchildren and the new one. I'm older than you and still raising a 4th grader!
  10. Hey thanks for responding to my post regarding jaw problems. Hope your trip to San Diego was great. We love living here in San Diego. There are many many healthy restaurants in the North County coastal communities. Of course we also have Taco Bell and now Chick Fila but you can't be going to places like that. Fast food is probably not an option for people like us, but I know emergencies and cravings occur. I too am a victim to that.
  11. I want to thank all of you who already have given me some advice, Riceguy, Cassidy etc. Today I will try to stay gluten-free and see if things improve. I have lots of other symptons throughout my body like sore joints and headaches but I rarely get the intense intentine problems, only when I really blow it and I don't do that much anymore. Like eat 4 slices of white four pizza or 2 bagels. Things used to be worse with my jaw when I was single and within walking distance of the pizzeria and bagel shop in New York. I think I blew my system out during that time, but I'm sure it didn't help that when I was a teenager I starved myself and then binged when I was on the wrestling team and used to "suck weight" to wrestle in alower class to reduce competition. Today they don't do as much of that. There are many horror stories to tell about how I would lose 18 pounds in 3 days and go to school and wrestling practice at the same time. You lose 3 pounds a day just by not eating and drinking, the rest is sweated out while wearing rubber sweat suits and working out. Then after the weigh-in there was an hour to eat and drink and then dextrose tablets from the coach just before the match. I was a dedicated fool and it probably contributed to my digestive problems today, many many years later. The only g-Gluten-Free bread I can find that you can buyt and make sandwiches with is the Food For Life and there are a few flavors, but the slices are so hard and small and make ridiculous sandwiches, but if toasted real well done, they are tasty and do well for breakfast. This morning I will have the gluten-free waffles and 2 medium eggs cooked in margarine and grade a maple syrup. I had black coffee and water so far. If anyone detects a problem food in what I write please let me know. I probably need to take a more active role in research and shopping. My wife does the shopping and brings home muffins,and croissants and Bagels etc for her and our daughter which is fine, ( I think) and I just ignore it and she buys a couple of gluten free products for me but dinner is always difficult since we all eat differently. I'm really glad my chiropractor suggested that I am gluten intolerant. He says that many people are especially Jewish people. Has anyone ever heard that>?Well good luck all, I know the holidays can be the hardest time. Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Chanukah!
  12. Cassidy As you know I just joined this site yesterday and you were kind enough to offer advice to my post. Thank You. Today I will try to stay 100% gluten free and see if my jaw problem stays dormant, and I can therfore be a nice husband and Daddy to my 9 year old girl. I make 1/4 of my income on eBay and have been selling there for over 10 years. But I have a great eye for things I can purchase and sell at a profit. I will try to help you out. It has become 10 times more difficult out there since the early days at eBay. There are so many sellers and its become a buyer's market, so I have to work harder at it and reinvent myself constantly lately. However it is not easy to create a listing, and I applaud you at your ability to create the photos and text and go through the ritual. I guess you are good on computers. I am only competant. Well good luck. Tell me if I eat anything wrong today. I so far had black coffee and water and will make 2 gluten-free waffles with 2 medium eggs lightly fried in margarine. I will use Grade a Maple syrup and then I will figure out something for lunch. Dinner is the hard part.
  13. Thanks for the reply Lisa. My grinding isn't necessarily at night like so many others. Rather perhaps after a gluten event. Its like my blood sugar drops or something and I just tighten up. I guess I just must adher to a better diet. I don't know if a splint will do for me since its day grinding but I'll talk to my dentist and Chiropractor. I hope you are doing well and feeling good.
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