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  1. Fire and Ice (both Harvard Square and Boston) is fun, yummy, and sensitive to all sorts of allergies, vegetarians, etc. You pick all the ingredients that you'd like and they cook them up for you. They have all types of sauces that can be added with ingredient lists for everything. Be sure to look at the ingredients for the sauces because some are listed as gluten-free but they have soy sauce in them. I informed the management that soy sauce is not usually gluten-free but they couldn't tell me if they were using a brand that was. Anyway, I'd recommend Fire and Ice for a fun and fairly inexpensive meal. Oh, it's also all you can eat!
  2. My daughter is Celiac and we frequently go to the CPK in the Theater district (in Boston) before shows. While they do not have a gluten-free menu, they are more than happy to cook up gluten-free pasta (that we bring with us) for her. They do it every time in a fresh pot of water. She's never had a reaction. They also have a book they've brought out with all the ingredients in the sauces.
  3. Our family went to the Boston Ballet Nutcracker last night to see my daughter perform (she was in the party scene!). We wanted to go out after for a little celebration and nice dessert. I had been to Finale (at the Park Plaza Hotel) before and knew that it was the perfect spot for us. I was worried about when my younger daughter with Celiac Disease might find to eat but at least I knew they had ice cream. I was thrilled to find that Finale's has 3 or 4 gluten-free desserts! My daughter settled on the flourless chocolate cake which was beautifully presented to her! Other gluten-free selections included creme brulee, cheescake (without crust), and a fruit plate. So, if you're in the Boston area and want a special treat, head for Finale's! Be sure to make reservations if you are going after the theater as the wait without reservations last night was over 45 minutes.
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