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  1. Is this as a result of eating gluten?
  2. Believe you stay much healthier without that food, I felt that way in the initial months of avoiding gluten everynow and again I would cheat a little get sick and then I finally gave up and avoided gluten as best as I could, it is a life changer but like everything else in life one learns how to adjust
  3. I am really sorry to hear but I do know as mentioned before once there is life there is hope and God is still in the healing business. In 2001 my huband was diagnosed with Lymphoma(lymp node cancer) there were legions everywhere ( just had a baby about 2 months old) things were looking pretty bad, major surgery Chemo the works its been over five years now he is well in total remission got a miracle from God and in addition I had another baby she is 2 years old. The doctors play their role but it is God who decides on our exit from this life. Pray for believe that they can be healed and commit it to God. Dont worry about the funeral for them because tomorrow is promised to no one neither you are me.. I pray the lord will give you courage. Jamrock
  4. yep I several of those almost dying asthma attacks that sent me to the ER so many times each time No clue or answer to my problems Ive been tp all the major hospitals in my island both public and private from one extreme of testing to the other I think Ive been thru so much blood panels it is unbelievable. My husband thought I was faking these attacks to get attention and then things got worse and still the doctors kept saying they dont know but thank God for www and this forum finally I can identify the problems I am having. Everday I read more and say "Someone else has experienced these symptom too. I am now trying deal with the food choices. thanks for responding Ursa you've been great help
  5. Ursa Did you have any cramping all over your body? Any shortness of breath as if you were dying?
  6. Today I looked in the mirror and I look less bloated I am actually getting flat. I have not seen that in years I have only been gluten free for about 3 weeks and already I have lost over 5lbs and I am looking and feeling better so much better. I kinda feel like "Stella" getting my grove back . Being gluten free is not such a bad thing after all, this is one big plus after all the food I must give up. Keep it up its worth it. Do you know the song "I've got a new attitude" I am feeling good from my head to my shoe (or something like that) I've got a new attitude
  7. Hi Ursa Happy new year to you Did that back ache you had felt like it was deep down in the spine? My feet are still swollen everyday although I am trying to stick to a Gluten free diet. Whenever I stand for over 30 minutes it gets worse. Any advice?
  8. I thought I was alone with anaphylatic things that have my family members rushing me to the hospital all hours of the night and early morning, since I joined this forum yetserday, I have learnt so much about controlling all my allergies. You guys have a good thing going on here and I feel like a child that is being led in the right direction by all the experts. Thanks alot I now feel like I am not alone.
  9. Thanks for the sites I will check them out tomorrow sorry I cant try the brownies I am allergic to nuts as well
  10. My major reaction to gluten is swelling in my feet, face or hands and fingers and bone/pains and hives pronounced GI issue is bloating. I get D occassionaly but the swelling is my first sign that I had some gluten.Does this sound familiar to anyone
  11. Guys You've all been encouraging thanks alot however my biggest problem is a do not know what to eat I just really discovered the source of my illness about 3 weeks ago. My major problem is that where I live many persons don't know about this allergy and so the health food stores will stock more wheat and soy stuff I don't recall seeing anything glutten free I end up cooking like I never done and sometimes I am not sure of the cooking oil, I cook the same food over and over for the last week and it gets boring so I get hungry, I just realized that I am reacting to soy or something else. Just imagine i do not have gluten free snacks cookie or bread I am slowly starving, I may have to travel overseas and ship some stuff, I really don't know where to start I need serious help little or no glutten free stuff on this island
  12. It sounds as if you are getting flustered about this entire relationship thing with your mom this could be moods swings that sometimes goes with a pregnancy. Even though your mum may seem over bearing bit believe me you will need her in your last trimester especially when the baby is near due and just after you have the baby. Having a baby can be very stressfull, lack of sleeping constant monitoring of baby, diaper changes, making bottles, or breatfeeding takes a toll on the body. There will be days when yourself & husband wished you had a third party just to catch a nap. I believe your mother just loves and you should try in the most gentle way to love her and still be in charge of your life. You will need her soon and as this is your first child her being there will help to balance the time you spend with the baby and your husband as sometimes we forget about our mate and their demands. When your mother speaks about your inlaws, change the subject nicely or tell her you don't think it is right to critize others. I have four kids and I couldn't be a succesful mom without the help of my mother, yes we have several diffrences but no one can ever replace her and the love she has for my children. I wish you all the best with your baby, and hope that things will soon work out. Jamrock
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