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  1. It is entirely possible that you could have had some reaction to the canola oil. It has been advised that people with gluten intolerance avoid this oil as their have been some reactions. I would guess that canola could be like soy oil. Soy oil is acceptable but some people who use it frequently will develop a sensitivity to it and have some GI distress. Also, sometimes the buttermilk does not always work in some recipes. I know that I am careful as to how I use it. Then there is always the outside chance that the chicken was bad as other stated. I have also been told by a dietician that chicken is one meat that seems to have chemicals in it and many celiacs do not do well with it. And another issue that is often forgotten is the fact that people with celiac disease can have problems with foods that are too fatty. Home fried chicken is one item that can be very greasy and cause issues. Hopefully this will not happen to you again. deepvalley
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