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  1. Same here! My MAIN symptom was sinus infections. I finally had a full allergy checkup after about 2 years of getting at least one sinus infection every 4-8 weeks (and having to take antibiotics to clear them each time). The result came back as slightly allergic to wheat so I went on a gluten free diet. Today I have the first infection in 1.5 years (since I started the diet) and it's because I had a bit of gluten on about 4 different occasions last month. I have now learned my lesson. BTW, I do the salt water rinse every night since I am allergic to several things and it helps. But if I don't eat gluten, colds don't become infections, if I do no matter what I do the only way to clear them is with antibiotics. Hope this helps.
  2. my breasts have become fuller I think gluten may have been messing with my hormones Also dark circles under the eyes are better, and my skin is ultra clear.
  3. Hi, I am also for trying the diet. I never got diagnosed myself... I just got an allergy test back saying I was slightly allergic to wheat so my naturopathic doctor suggested I eliminate it. What a difference it made! After 30 years of constant sinus infections, constipation and anemia, it all pretty much went away! So whether I am just intolerant or full celiac, I don't know, what I do know is that it is really bad for me. I have been on the diet (though I've not been truly strict, i.e. I have had very tiny amounts of gluten till now for example in soy sauce) for about 1.5 years. But then during December I got tempted a few times to eat a bit of wheat (also encouraged by friends who don't realize how bad it can be). At first I figured everything was fine since I really did not feel bad after eating it, but by the end of month I got my first sinus infection since I started the diet. I've now been sick for 2 weeks and all because I ate a few bites here and there. So, now I am more determined than ever to stick to a gluten-free diet, which btw I have no problems with. I eat like a queen and my boyfriend can't even tell the difference between when I baked with flour and now Takes a bit of adjustment but that is all.
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