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  1. I was diagnosed with IC several years ago. My urologist tried every kind of medication/treatment available and nothing seemed to help. The IC diet didn't work either. I finally had the Interstim implant surgery done (after a lot of haggling with our insurance company). I was a "pioneer" in the area in which I live since I was the third patient to have it done by this doctor. The implant is not a cure for IC, since there is no cure, but it makes the pain virtually disappear. Since having the implant in 1998, I have not had a single IC flareup. If you'd like more information, you can check out the Interstim website at www.medtronic.com. I'll warn you right up front that it is expensive. I had mine done almost 10 years ago and the cost for outpatient surgery was around $55,000. Fortunately, at the time, we were under a great HMO plan and only had to pay $200 of the costs. Maybe it's because it was a new product at the time, so the price may have come down. Here's the kicker...since being diagnosed with Celiac in November of 2006, my doctor and my urologist both feel that there is a correlation. The way it was explained to me is that your body will try to expel toxins as quickly as it can - which will cause "The Big D," vomiting, DH, Meniere's or IC...all of which I have, by the way. I'm wondering now, since going gluten-free, if I'll even need my implant. My doctor treating Celiac says no...my urologist says yes. Me? I'm going to keep the implant because I NEVER want to experience IC pain again and, if there's even a remote chance of that happening, I'm sticking with a sure thing. I'm sorry you have to deal with IC. Been there...done that...don't want to ever experience it again. Good luck to you!
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