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  1. My biopsy report said blunted villi. My doctor said I do not have Celiac blood test was neg. Is blunted villi no big deal.
  2. I had a biopsy 2 weeks ago. the report said I had blunted villi. No other abnormalities. blood test neg. Took it twice. Doctor said don't worry about it. Lots of things can cause blunted villi. He sees that often and it is no big deal. I am not sickly for the most part. But I often feel run down depressed. I talked to my pediatrician who diagnosed me with celiac at age 5. He said that is true lots of things cause blunted villi no big deal. He is glad I don't have celiac. He said he only suspected it years ago. I wanted some confirmation, I hate the diet. I should have went to a real celiac doctor.Now I have spent thousands of dollars, and know nothing. Perhaps I am just depressed Bi-polar or whatever else. I wish there was a real test for celiac. I don't trust doctors and tests.
  3. Biopsy of duodenum 3 samples The sections show duodenal mucosa with small villi lined by columnar cells which contain basa nuclei for the most part. The superficial stroma is infiltrated with a few lymphocytes and plasma cells intermixed with scattered eosinophils. THe submucosa conteins munerous Brunner's glands. The cellular infiltrate is nonspecific and no characteristic findings of nontropical sprue are identified in these sections. -------- Now the one from the university hospital Sections of the duodenum demonstrate flattened villi with loss of mucous production. The thickness of the mucosa is unchanged. THe clinical history coinciedes with the pathologic dia. of celiac. My doctors records state that I was a very lean little boy with Celiac syndrome full blown. This seems clear to me. THe other day I was told that the biopsy was consistant with but not diagnostic of celiac, come on............
  4. I am considering a small bowel series of xrays. Any comments on the procedure. How long does it take. Is it a good idea.
  5. I took the blood test for celiac at the doctors office 3days ago. I had been eating gluten for about two weeks, I was on diet for 4 weeks prior. I know they say to wait longer. I felt sick enough. I have an appointment in Bloomington, IN with Dr. Bandari's associate. Dr. Pinto. My doctor won't order a biopsy, so I will have to have a consultation with Dr. pinto. He will then schedule a biopsy, If needed. I am sure alot depends on my blood test. I could end up waiting another 5 weeks after that for a biopsy. I would like to avoid that since gluten makes me sick. I would think that since I was diagnosed 24 yrs. ago with celiac, that they would just go ahead and do the biopsy. I want the biopsy soon because I am ready to go on the diet again. I would also like to know how much damage there is if any. Should I have a small bowel series xray. I read that it reveals alot of abnormalities. Has anyone had this is it expensive. How much is a biopsy generally. MY insurance deductable is 3000. I think it will be alot more than that. How long does it take. how long for results.
  6. Recently I decided to find out what was the matter with my stomach no matter what. I went to the hospital and got records all the way back. When I was an infant\toddler I had terrible diareah. A potbelly and was skiny. My mother took me to many doctors, finally to a new pediatrician. He put me in the hospital and did alot of tests. The biopsy confirmed sprue. I was never put on the diet. I grew up and everyone said my you sure are skinny, but you sure do eat alot. When I was 10-15 I had a terrible rash on my pubic area with the little red blisters allover. I didn't know what it was. It gradually went away after many years. I have gone to doctors for the following, deformed feet, hypotention, depression. I have been to 5 different pschiatrists. and been diagnosed add,bipolar, depressed, all for the past 6 yrs. I told most of them that I had a gluten intolerence as a kid, some just wrote down wheat allergy in there notes. I told them I just feel sick, is there anything that can be making me sick and deppressed. I persuaded my doctor to give me a blood test after much skepticism on his part, after I had came across this forum. He gave me the gladian antibody test. I was on a glutten free diet 3 weeks prior and the test came back neg. I told him I ate a bunch of bread the day of the test. he said it shouldn't matter. I was them very stumped. That is when I looked back to my records from 1983. Bingo there is the diagnosis. That explains why people called me starvin Arvin among other things and why my brothers are twice my size. Also why I can and always have drunk an 20 oz. soda in 30 secounds and then look for more, and why at 22 yrs old 5 11 I weighed 125 pounds. I noticed some of the doctors circled that in there records, weren't they smart. I have now been on the diet 3 weeks again. Stomach is better. good bye
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