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  1. I am concerned about my health. Okay. I just don't feel like gaining weight. Most people don't. Sure I said I would turn anorexic if I started gaining weight, but that was an exaggeration. HEALTH is 1# of course. I DID do research on celiac, I read that you don't necissarily need surgery, medications or anything, just diet and stuff which I am doing so why take more tests if its just going to confirm that I must stick on the diet? I already know what to do, celiac disease or not. I don't see a need for tests and I don't care about getting tests done because there isn't a need for them...if there was the nutritionist would have said so. He gave my other family members stool tests, why not me? He's a strong believer in stool tests, and obviously didn't see the need for me to get one, most likely based on the questionairre I filled out and other things. The nutritionist helped loads of people, many of my family and friends so I trust his word. I don't think he's crazy. If he is OH WELL. He didn't say for SURE when my health could go downhill...its just an estimation based on his evaluation. Can't people estimate? I'm taking my chances. I know that celiac disease is not corrected by surgery, but some people have need surgery to remove a portion of their intestine that got overly damaged. I'm going to ask more questions when I go for my next saliva test in a few months. Allergy or celiac, same procedure in dealing with it. NO need to yell people, GEEZ (well not all of you are yelling). Who knows maybe people here are not even as informed on celiac disease as they think? People can't possibly know everything about everytyhing. Maybe it IS possible to develope celiac disease if you have an allergy. You never know. It's possibly. ANYTHING is possible. And no one can be 100% sure that someone is crazy or not without knowing them, testimonials of other people, and 304720374 more things. It's possible that people research differently than others too. What I've researched could be different from what other people have researched. It's not impossible, but unlikely that everyone looking at the same exact source for information.
  2. Hmm...After thinking about my apointment to the nutritionist... I remember that I asked him what where the symptoms of celiac disease and he said I had all of them practically...so maybe he meant that I did have it? I could tell that he was trying not to scare me. I'm thinking that perhaps he meant that if I continued to eat gluten I would end up like one his patients who needed to have surgery. He threw out an estimation of when things could go downhill...ihe said five years. So I took it as just an allergy for now but after thinking about it I'm unsure. I think if I was in serious danger he would have done more tests... I'm sure if I stick on the diet i'll heal and be okay. I don't want to have any scary tests done on my colon or whatever...that really freaks me out no matter what people say. I think I will take my chances...So far I feel a lot better on the diet and its not that hard
  3. Well the person I went to is a nutritionist...so I guess he's not really a doctor. He showed me a lab result paper that had a graph and showed the levels of cortisol through the day etc. Originally I was being tested to see how advanced my adrenal fatigue is. The nutritionist pointed at the bottom of the page, there were a bunch of numbers next to the word gluten and it said something like 'allergy severe'. The nutritionist told me that if I continued to eat gluten my adrenal glands would get more messed up and that I could end up with celiac disease in about five years or so. Practically my whole family sees this nutritionist and he's helped a lot of people so I'm guessing he must know a lot about these types of things, and he said he had patients with these problems before. For some reason he said that I didn't have celiac now...I'm guessing because I don't have problems keeping food in my system or don't have any of the other major problems. I guess it makes sense that if you just eat healthy and don't eat too much of the gluten free products or eat out all the time and stuff everything should be okay. My sister told me she was put on a diet once by the same nutritionist a few years ago, and she had to take gluten out and she lost like 30 lbs from it and dropped to a healthy weight. So I am less worried now
  4. Hi. I'm new here. I just found out my test results today. I have a severe gluten allergy...and I've never know it becuase I guess instead of getting the more common symptoms I had another symptom that was misdiagnosed. My allergic reaction to gluten was excessive sweating. I always assumed I had overactive sweat glands so I was doing electric shock therapy etc ...which helped but steered me away from knowing what was truly wrong. Anyway, right now I am 5'4, 120 lbs. I think I look good now. I like this weight. Sometimes I think I have some extra fat, I wouldn't mind losing 5 lbs. Well the doctor told me that sometimes people gain weight once they eliminate gluten from their diet, he also said that I might gain weight but it would be HEALTHY weight. This majorly freaked me out. I was reading through the forum...and it seems like people either lose weight or gain weight...its all different. However, what if you are at a healthy weight for your height already? I checked the BMI calculator and everything and I am like...20-21. So I must be getting adequate nutrients unlike a lot of people. I don't have celiac disease yet...I have about 5 years until I could possibly get it (good thing I caught the allergy on time) and I think I can gain weight easy if I want. So if don't have issues with gaining weight, not overly thin etc. Is it likely that I will gain extra weight when taking the gluten away? When I was a kid I was very chubby, got made fun of etc. I didn't get thin until I was 14...I weighed like 100 lbs then and slowly gained weight each year up until the weight I am now. I like being thin, I can't NOT be thin. I think its very possible for me to turn annorexic if I start gaining weight because I just have become accustomed to being thin and I still am scarred from being made fun of. I don't want to get celiac disease and have surgery to remove a portion of my intestine so I will eliminate the gluten...I guess I have no choice
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