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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I cant believe what five days without drinking soy milk has done bloating nausea wind all the other symptoms virtually gone no more soy in anything for me, I feel good.
  3. I was diagnosed three years ago and have been pretty good since then just a couple of slip-ups. About two months ago I thought I'd go on to soy milk loved the taste, since then have felt really bad "I Mean bad" terrible foul wind nausea and sinusitis so bad that I vomited for two days still I kept on drinking the soy looking for the gluten in my diet thinking that to be the cause. I think I've been in denial don't want to believe there is something else I have to avoid, Well I've made the decision to lay of it today and see what happens. Has anyone had such a bad reaction and how long after abstaining did you start to feel better?
  4. Sorry should have added been a smoker for 42+ years, now given up 4 years best thing I ever did squash player 25 years runner, going to the gym 15 years. I never had any problems before coeliac symptoms, I have been diagnosed two years now by biopsy. I still go to the gym symptoms or not, just breath a lot harder, but won't give up, "Big high from the UK".
  5. Hi Noel, I always know if I have been glutend, because i get very bloated and breathless, I think that it is in my case caused by the bloating. I go to the gym three times a week for a good cardio workout, but when I have this bloating it makes it very hard to get my breathing on track, and when I go to do my sit ups as soon as I bring my head up to my knees I find it very hard to breath. When I am feeling normal without bloating my breathing is OK and I can do all my exercises with no problems. Curious to know if anyone else has this problem.
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