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  1. My daughter was diagnosed almost two years ago while in 6th grade. Since then she has either not taken a lunch or taken Oscar Mayer nacho lunchables. I read an article in November about a college student with Celiac and that the school had to provide a gluten free meal. I then started searching for information in regards to this. I have learned that a school that receives public funding for their lunch program is required to offer a gluten free meal to children. I started this process two months ago with my daughters district. At first they were less than responsive and told me that that is not something they are required to provide. I called the State of Illinois board of education and was told differently. The district also called and found out that they were wrong. I had to have a note from my daughter's physican stating the disease and what she can and can not eat. It has not been easy, but it is something that she is excited about. I would gladly help anyone else that needs to get information to their districts in regards to this matter. I only wish that I knew this information two years ago. I hope that this helps some of you with children in school. It let's them have some normalcy back.
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