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  1. Hi! I will also be traveling in Argentina, in April. Do you know of any restaurants (or markets) that have gluten-free food in Buenos Aires, Iquazu Falls or Patagonia (don't know exactly where I am going yet)?
  2. Hi! I'm just planning a trip to Peru now. When you hiked Machu Picchu, did you go with a tour group? If so, were they able to accomodate the gluten-free diet and would you recommend them? Thanks! Cara
  3. Hi everyone! I am looking into traveling to Peru with a volunteer program for 1-2 months and I'm hoping someone out there has done it before. I would love to do a homestay, where I live with a local family while I am there. I have found one program that says they can work with the family ahead of time and make sure I have access to the kitchen. Another program said they could set me up in an apartment so I could make my own meals. Has anyone had any experience like this? I'm a little nervous about doing the homestay, for obvious reasons, but from what I understand, the Peruvian diet is largely gluten-free, so it may not be that difficult to accomodate our diet. Any help you might have is MUCH appreciated!
  4. I just got back from Breckenridge and happened upon a Mexican restaurant that has a gluten-free menu. It's called Mi Casa Mexican restaurant and they seem to be well versed on how to accomodate our diet, in terms of preparation. I thought it was great and had no bad reaction, but I'm also not extremely sensitive. Enjoy!
  5. I am planning to volunteer in Peru for 1-2 months and I'm in the process of researching programs. There are so many out there and many of them are homestay programs. Does anyone, by any chance, know of any that are able to accomodate gluten-free diets??
  6. Great! I'm testing it out tonight, so we'll see how it goes. I'm new to baking pies too, so hopefully it turns out okay. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone tried it? I was hoping to use it for an apple pie, but I'm a little nervous that it's not good, since there will be gluten-eaters on Thanksgiving. Maybe I should make my own - I saw some recipes here. Any thoughts?
  8. For anyone in the Bay Area, I found this Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco (in the Castro) that marks on the menu all of its gluten-free items... And the best part is they serve gluten-free Beer (Redbridge) and fried spring rolls in rice paper that are fried in a dedicated fryer! I was SUCH a happy person at this place!! It's called Zadin. They don't have a website (I don't think), but here's the contact info: 4039 18th St San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 626-2260 Enjoy!!
  9. Ugh! I was sooo excited after I saw your post that I hunted down this restaurant with some friends last night. Unfortunately, I learned that they have dedicated fryers, but the dedication is between vegetarian foods and non-veggie foods. They have two different batters for the fish - one beer-battered, and one soy-based - but they fry them in the same fryers. I did manage to find something else to eat (cornmeal crusted trout and green beans, cooked in a skillet), but it just wasn't the same! Sorry to break the news, but didn't want you to go out of your way to try this place (not sure where you live, Elonwy).
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