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  1. "Montess84=January 13, 2007 Hey Bob My pain started at the rib right under my left breast, hurt to laugh, sneeze, blow my nose; doc gave me steroids, made it more tolerable but it was still there, then the pain moved to behind my breast, but i didn't return to the doc (the doc in the box was going to schedule me a CAT scan if the pain didn't get better) but as usual, i didn't go back. Now the pain has moved to my left pec muscle and hurts to my left armpit. This is very strange. Never have had pain move; had pluersy (not sure how to spell) about 10-12 years ago, pain was on right side, about midway hip to breast, felt like someone was stabbing a knife in my rib. Do you have any pain before, like maybe lower like mine? Also, do you remember anything you did that could have strained your rib muscle? I fell off the bed and caught myself with my left arm (however the pain had begun 3 weeks before I fell; it started after i had stuffed myself at a Cracker Barrel, started sneezing (and I do have hard, loud voilent sneezes) I couldn't stop sneezing, it hurt so bad. After the first sneeze it felt like someone had stabbed me right below my left breast with a knife. Got a little better over the next week or so, but then i fell and its like it aggrivated the problem. It hurt so bad I was crying my eyes out at a business gathering and the next day at the airport. Would love to hear back from you. Let me know if you have any new information as to what this couled mean, be. Thanks.
  2. Montess84=January 13, 2006 jk - I have had chest pain since early Oct 06. Got numerous chest xrays to see if i had a broken rib, cracked rib, etc. Nothing. Gave me a chest support belt thing, muscle relaxers and sent me on my way. Helped some. Then the pain moved from my rib cage right under my left breast to behind my left breast, it kinda moved up. Lower rib doesn't really hurt anymore. But I never went back to the dr (it was a doc in the box). She said to come back the next week and schedule me for CAT scan, but I still haven't gone. Now with in the last 2 weeks or so the pain moved to my upper pectoral muscle above the boob and it hurts to my armpit. Hurts to blow my nose. I saw a posting from rmmadden about having the chest to armpit pain, curious to know if they had the pain lower and then higher. I don't go to the dr on a whim, i will live with the pain for weeks/months before i go to the dr. but this hurt so bad i had to go. my regular physician was no help as usual, she did xrays like doc in box but didin't see any rib injury. I went to doc in box about a month later because it was still hurting so bad (it did ease up some after my phs gave me steriods but i could tell it was still there, but anyway i guess its my fault for not following up. But it was nice to see other people describing exactly the same pain as me.
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