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  1. make your own i do all the time 2 cups sliced mushrooms--1- 1/2cups chicken broth--2 cups water-6 cups milk (i use soy milk) 2 tbsp margarine or 1 tbsp olive oil--2 tbsp dried onion flakes--bring water/broth onion flakes mushroms to a boil /simmer for 10 mins-add 4 cups milk heat until hot- mix the balance of the milk(2 cups) with 9 tbsp of tapioca flour(mix well so that there are no lumps) add this to the hot mixture and bring to a boil simmer until thick(5 mins)or less stirring all the time so that it doesn't stick add salt/pepper to taste /i add a bit of parsley and dill weed try it very tasty
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