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  1. Phyllis, thanks for the links and the info on Wendy's and Chilli's. Hopefully this will give us a few more options.
  2. Hi, Will be travelling to the US from Australia with my wife (who is celiac - also hates using computers - hence my post here) and kids in a couple of months. The trip from Australia to LAX will be okay - QANTAS offer gluten free meals. However, we'll be in transit between LAX and Little Rock (including stop and layover in Dallas) for up to 8 hours so we're having to think ahead about catering for my wife during this period. Total time of the trip usually comes up to 25-30 hours with layovers, etc by the time we get to Little Rock. I've noted gluten free soups, etc earlier in the thread and we'll be taking these on board. Can I assume that there are not any restaurants or food outlets in LAX or DFW that offer gluten free foods? I'm expecting a 'no' on this but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks, Jay
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