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  1. I had the best luck with Dr. Thomas Schussler. He knew the first day I went to see him that I had celiac disease (after other doctors told me I was making everything up). Also, he said he didn't even need the biopsy to diagnose my celiac disease (of course he still took it), but he could tell as soon as he began the endoscopy. He is knowledgable, and has several office locations. I went to the one in Lawrenceburg, IN, but I know he also works out of Cincinnati. He is part of Gastroenterology Consultants of Greater Cincinnati (GCGC). Their website is http://www.giconsults.com/ if you are interested in seeing him. I would also recommend Dr. Grandhi if his locations would work better for you. He is also part of GCGC. My mom has seen him for non celiac related issues, and he is very thorough and knowledgable on celiac and other conditions as well. Hope that helps! Stephanie
  2. Hi, I'm not sure where it came from, but I got an email the other day and a lady was talking about having lyme disease and that her lyme disease doctor always tests his patients for celiac because the two are connected. I thought lyme disease come from an infected tick, though, so I'm really confused how the two could have any relations at all? Is there a different kind of lyme disease that I don't know about? I'm just curious because I have also noticed that some people on this forum have also listed lyme disease in their profile. Thanks, Stephanie
  3. I was diagnosed late last year so I'm still in the learning process. Basically everything I know is from reading books or forums. I don't have anyone around here to teach me and help me, so, if this question sounds ignorant, it's just because I still don't know a lot. Anyway, I just recently started a new job. I work in an office at a plastics manufacturing facility. The office is in the middle of the factory, and I walk around on the floor a lot. Ever since I started working there, I have been extremely tired and some of my old symptoms have come back. I figured it was just because I was in an adjusting period from moving to a new location and starting a new job. I found out last week that they dust the rolls that the plastic goes on with a powdery substance. This is so the plastic won't stick to the rolls as they spin around. The rolls spin very fast so the powder is flung into the air, and it basically stays there so everyone is breathing it in (I know it gets in my office because every morning when I go in, I have to wipe the desk down because there is a light layer of the dust). When I asked, one person told me the powder was just corn starch, but another person told me it was a mixture of corn starch or baking soda and flour. I would say the corn starch probably makes more sense, but I'm just wondering before I go digging for more information, (assuming it is flour) would breathing it in even be a big deal? I wouldn't say I'm really ingesting it, unless maybe some gets in my mouth from breathing through my mouth? I'm not trying to be particular or ridiculous, but I was so sick for so long, I just don't want to go back there. Any knowledge in this area would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Stephanie
  4. Hi, My name is Stephanie, and I just decided to join today. I won't go into my lifelong struggles with celiac, but I sure wish doctors would have discovered it sooner. I had so many symptoms pointing right at it, and no one thought to check for it. I even had a doctor this past year tell me I was probably making everything up in my head because I was so stressed out and didn't want to deal with my real problems...I switched doctors. Anyway, I was diagnosed with celiac disease right before Thanksgiving (which was hard because I hated watching everyone eat food I was allowed to eat just the week before). The doctor said he knew before he even took the biopsy that it would test positive (all the villi was gone). No one around me really knows about this disease or understands it. I just got married, and even my husband thinks I'm over-reacting when I tell him I can't have just one bite of something he made or wants me to try. It's really hard sometimes to deal with this disease in a society that is so focused on food. Sometimes I'll just watch people eat and think how normal they are and wonder why I can't be normal. I have 3 siblings, and they are all fine. I also have another autoimmune disease, sarcoidosis. It's also not widely known about, at least in my area. I feel like my body just does nothing but fight itself. As soon as I get back on my feet, I'm down again with something else. I hope as I learn more of what I can eat these feeling will go away and I'll start to feel normal again. Anyway, back to my intro. I live in Indiana, but it's so cold here I plan to move to Texas someday! Oh yeah, and in a couple of weeks I'll be 24!
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