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  1. OK I have to reply to this I am addicted to the Gluten Free Pantry Brownies and so is my husband who is not Gluten Intolerant! I catch him eating them whenever I make them, the only problem is they go tooo fast Christy
  2. Hey there I heard about someone working at Starbucks on this page. I'm a coffee person too!!! Big time, lived in Seattle for years, and coffee was and is still apart of my life. I went and talked to a manager at my local regularly visited Starbucks and found out there is gulten in the chocolate and many of the syrups there, she also told me to always ask because with new drinks, new powders/mixes are made for them and what's in them may differ. She told me they not using gluten would drive the price up. Is it just me or does five dollars for esspresso, soymilk and a little pump of chocolate more than compensate for gluten free in my mind? I can buy a box of cookies for that! There is another coffee shop I fequent "Rico Latte" in Stow, Ohio and thier chocolate, coffee, free trade hot cocoa and syrups are glten free, just want all to know. Hang in there! Christy
  3. Thank-you all soooo much! I haven't been on since I posted last as I have had company staying at my house. You were all right on in many ways. I called my Mom and found out she had the same reaction when she started going Gluten Free eight years ago, because so many acid's were building up in her digestive tract from eating only fruits, vege's, meats, beans, and rice and corn. She immediately asked what I had replaced my grains with. I am already dairy free and use Soy Live culture yogurts but Almond Milk for all other milk like needs. I haven't replaced my breads with much since getting rid of any Gluten items because I couldn't find a product I liked the taste and texture of besides Tradder Joe's gluten free rice pasta's (I can't stand textures that are grainy, I have a gag reflex to them, that I've had since I was a baby.) Thier rice pasta is fantastic, tastes like the real stuff, although it's been a long time because I haven't had wheat for years just everything else I didn't know I wasn't supossed to eat till now. Anyways I talked with several Celiac's and they told me I had to get the PH balance, balanced in my body to get rid of the bloating, gas and be able to eliminate approapiately again. So this is what they told me to do and let me tell I was desperate it was up to them or I was going to have to go to the doctor I was in so much pain. They told me to take Apple Cider vinegar about an inch and a half in the bottom of a cup and down it with lots of water three times in a day and then to go purchase an Asodophilous (my spelling is horrible) which was a live an active one that was gluten free and dairy free, in the fridge in the vitamin section of a health food store. I went to Wild Oats and the gal there in the vitamin section was very familar with Celiac and she gave me the right asodolphilous and told me to take three daily for a two week period and that then I may want to consider an enzyme to take after the two weeks to help my food digest better before it reaches my intestine, especially with it trying to heal over time it will lessen the stress on my digestive tract. I have to admid I could only get the apple cider vinegar down once, but it worked!!! The asodolphilous worked and is still working also. I have worn my jeans for the last two days I haven't been able to wear in a week! I feel so much better! Also you are soooo correct on the Emergen "C", some contain wheat and some do not. This gal took me through and showed me what I could take within the pakages and what I could not. Thier Strawberry one with the most vitamins in it, which is usually a couple of dollars more than the others is gluten free, several of the others have it. Yet this ones best anyways because it has the most B's and Folic Acid, plus other vitamins, such as A, K, etc. I appreciate all your suggestions and thank-you for helping me with checking items that I didn't register as possible gluten carries! Christy
  4. Hi all, I'm new here and have family with Celiac (Mom, Grandma) and we have come to the conclusion that I am suffering the way they did before they went gluten free eight years ago. They all have been diagnosed with Celiac and have Thyroid problems amoung many others due to such late diagnosis in thier lives. I have had all kinds of allergy tests done etc, but have never been officially tested, but what I know to be certain is that I react horribly when I eat Gluten! I would like to go in for "officially testing" and wanted to know if anyone has a great doc in the Akron/Cleveland, Ohio area. I saw earlier posts about this but they were very old, and also printed out the names listed on the site under Ohio. Yet I'm wondering whom you feel are the best and if certain doctors are best for testing vs. continued care post diagnosis? Thanks, Christy
  5. Thanks, good to know! I feel like I'm talking to my grandmother's friends at her retirement center as they always seem to want to know if "I've been regular!!!!" It's so crazy that the women in my family have had this for so long (Celiac) yet no one really talked about it, or said hey, you should get tested! Well it's good to know I can share these things and know I'm not just going crazy! : ) Thanks again and please; I will openly take any advise as I am reading all I can get my eye's on, online and in books about Celiac! Is it common to also feel very tired no matter how much rest you are getting when you first start the diet? Should I consider a stomach ease tea, or cleansing tea? I am soo exhausted, I almost had to go home sick from work on Monday and I haven't missed a full day's work in year's within my career. Thanks All! Christy
  6. Thanks all, I really appreciate your insights! Maybe I'm pushing to hard too soon, it's just so frustrating to have all this bloating, which I have never had before to this extreem. I do swell, get very nauseaded, sometimes break out with things that look like hives all over my chest and neck area, have an instant headache and am very tired after eating gluten, yet have never had bloating like this. Goodness I've felt like I'm going to pop half the time this week! My husband has been so sweet to rub my lower back, help me stretch (much like what you described) and I will release for a bit (this is sooo gross to talk about but then like a balloon inflating, I start again! AGH! Thanks for letting me share about things like this! Christy
  7. Hello all my name is Christy, I have gluten intolerance, which I have just discovered. My mother has Celiac and has been gluten free for eight years, after she was diagnosed she had me tested (when I was a teen) for allergies and that's when we discovered my allergies yet the doc didn't run a Celiac test on me, which I did not/do not understand! At first I was diagnosed with allergies to wheat, lactose intollerance and the other typical grains and it seemed every food out there. I was also having Tyroid issues, and great swings of weight gain and loss. So I was put on an allergen free diet and Thyroid med's. Soon I was taken off Tyroid med's due to heart pulpataions and started taking Kelp instead. This diet helped at first in my twenties but then I started to gain weight again in my mid twenties and felt very sick, tired and started having cronic sinus and upper respitory infections. This has continued throughout the last 8 years of my adult life. Now at 33 I have just discovered that Celiac is Hereditary and that I probably have had it all my life but with just allergy tests completed it was never discovered because no one new to test me even with all the signs I have read on numerous sites and now books. This last year and a half has been really tough on me physically, stressors; new jobs, gotten married, moved across the country etc. I was doing well for awhile and then I started getting really sick, yet couldn't figure out what was going on. My doctor thought it was hormones and I have to say when I started birth control my body defiently changed in it's reactions to foods and my reactions to gluten foods seemed to increase. Now a couple of years later I am very frustrated and am going Gluten free. I have been gluten free for about two weeks now and was fine the first week, yet now in the second week I have been very bloated with diarea, pain in my lower area and have felt very tired and drained. Is this common, a friend told me your probably just "detoxing" but I want to make sure. I have been very careful ingiving away all gluten containing food from my kitchen and replaced all foods with gluten free labeled products and have only been eating those. I also have stayed on my lactose free diet, eating soy products. I also an taking a powder vitamin fizzy pack called Emergen "C" to help if I am malnutritioned. I am just so frustrated, I don't have the "gluten Reactions" to the new food's I'm eating, yet differnt ones and I feel like my stomach is huge, my loose pants are even tight and I feel streched and bloated all the time. It's better in the morning and worse as the day goes on. Sorry to write a book, I'd appreciate any help. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on in this body of mine! Thanks, Christy
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