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  1. Thanks for your comment. I guess I should clarify: the excessive thirst I am talking about is sporadic. It seems to precede (and last a few days beyond) excessive bowel movements (which are not technically "diarrhea" because the stool is somewhat formed). I'm not dehydrated, and it's not the result of the bowel movements, since it precedes them.
  2. Hi Courtney, I found this site by searching "thirst" and "celiac," because I too am trying to find out about the strange thirst I have. I'm not officially diagnosed with celiac, but I have the same gastrointestinal symptoms and respond well to a diet that avoids the same things. (Actually, I avoid most carbs -- following the "special carhohydrate diet"). I've mentioned my thirst to a number of doctors and have gotten no explanations. I'm not diabetic. It's very odd. (I do urinate a lot, but that's been going on for decades, whereas this thirst and gastrointestinal problem began within the past two years.) Jane
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