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  1. Saddly we have stopped going. I have been a member of the same church my whole life. And now we don't go expect for holidays. The church nursery staff answer was " we just won't feed the treats to him." When I asked if they could stop doing treats in the play area. Rook had picked up a goldfish off the floor I didn't catch. Twice I snached a cookie out of his hand that a sweet well meaning lady handed him. One woman told me I was being me by doin "this" my son. The kicker when our pastor left and the new one refused to buy the special host. He said that little of a amount can't hurt. I hope you can find a better option then me.
  2. I have to go to Target. My daughter is going to go bananas!
  3. Our son had a reaction to our shampoo. When we went gluten-free I called the company and it was safe. A year later or so he started reacting again. I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. Turns out they changed the formula. Every time he had a bath he got glutened. We all use Califonia Baby now and haven't had a problem. Just a thought.
  4. I hope you get better sooner then later. I did the same thing once with brownie. I grabbed a box it said Allergen free and was boxed between two gluten-free product of the same brand. My son was sick for days. It was heart breaking. So don't feel dumb. It happens. I now READ every thing that goes in the cart. Even if I have gotten it a hundread and two times.
  5. Thank God the owner listened to you. That is insane.
  6. This is so sad. My biggest fear is sending my son to school. I can't believe a school would allow this to go on let alone contribute to it. I am so sorry. You are very brave to stand up for your self and others.
  7. Oh I hate that label. My son was label failure to thrive up until two months ago. We are back on the chart even at 3%. How long has your little one been gluten-free? My son started gain with much work from us. He can have dairy so we feed him milk shakes with protein milked in it twice a day. Butter goes into everything! I hope Ellie starts gaining for you. I know how heart breaking it is.
  8. Nicole! Hi hun! Glad you came over. Like I said the other day. This board has given me more info then all the doctors I have gone to combined. I can't wait for our chat on monday!! And congrats on having your home go gluten-free!! That is freaking awesome!! I hope Allan is coming around. Dennis said you should print off a fact sheet and hand it to everyone who is around Twister. And remember BE BLUNT! Not only that but I think you are going to see a huge improvement with Caitlin's breathing as well! I love ya hun!
  9. I started making more at dinner and having leftovers for lunch. Rook loves sweet and sour chicken and Brown rice with black beans.
  10. First I am so sorry to hear about your son's pain. It's heart breaking to see them like that. My son is 23 months old and was the same way. Now he is Gluten, corn, soy and peanut free. He is still dealing with constipation. We now on meds to help. I also keep a Camelbak filled with water or pear juice all the time. It has helped a ton. We also found he can't eat white rice or bananas they bind him. We switched to brown rice and that is much better. And lots of fruit. All the P fruits are great, pear, peaches, prunes, plums. I hope your lil' dude gets to feel better really soon. Little ones heal fast.
  11. Rook was gluten free at the time of the test. Which our doctor not the allergist did. They want to repeat it but I won't let them. It makes no sense to me when it may not come back + anyway. So we are putting it off until he is older. I call our doctor right way and she said she wouldn't recommend him again. That makes feel feel a little better. I am hopping his allergies lessen as he gets older not worsen. I have a hard enough time feeding this boy as it is.
  12. We got Rook into an allergist after a 3 month waiting list. And the guy was a total jerk. He tested him for twenty-six things and he is only not allergic to 4 of them. Anyway he was asking why we were there and I gave him the run down, after the test was done he points at the piece of paper and says "See no wheat allergy, you need to add it back into his diet." I stared at him like he was babbling and drooling. I said what about celiacs? He said no of his blood work shows he has celiacs or anything else. So I again told him what happens when Rook eats gluten. The screaming, cramping, gas and not to mention he is underweight. He said it's was just a fluke that it happened at the same time. And that I needed to add wheat back in to get him to gain weight. Sorry, I know I am not a big poster here. But I had to vent. I feel like every time I bring him in to the doctors we just go backwards. We did find out he is allergic to all trees, grass, mold, ragweed, corn, soybeans, peanuts and cats. He told me to expect the list to grow. My poor boy. Thanks for listening.
  13. My son is the only one who can't have gluten and there is none of it in my home. We had a lot of those comments at first. Even a few who said I was being mean to him by not letting have that cookie or piece of cake. People are dumb. Now I just say this is the only place I can make "safe" with out a shadow of doubt. So if I don't do it I am not doing my job as a mom.
  14. Our sons doctor wanted us to test him as well. We refused. From what I read the test is iffy that young. But we know that this is the most important time for brain development. He can be tested later on. What is most important now is that he grows properly. I had to give up gluten as well but we found out before he was eating solids. I have been gluten free since he was six months old. I would try going gluten-free for awhile and see if it makes a difference.
  15. My son was doing awesome for about 7 months then started getting rashes again. Turned out the shampoo I was using changed there formula. He was getting glutened in the tub. So I would check your products.
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