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  1. Thank you so much for the responses! What a relief to know that it is likely gluten causing this problem and to find this forum. While as I mentioned I've been avoiding wheat for months I haven't been totally comitted to being gluten free (ex: malt in cereals, salad dressing / sauces in restaurants, soy sauce, etc.) I started cutting these things out yesterday and already have been feeling better and also made an appointment with a gastroenterologist for Friday. Again, thanks for the helpful information and I look forward to being a part of this forum!
  2. I haven't been feeling well for almost nine months now and about six months ago I caught on that it might be wheat that's causing the problem and significantly cut back on my intake. I guess my main question is that pretty much the only symptom I have is gas - embarassingly a lot of it. To the point where I think - where could this possibly be coming from? When I cut back on wheat I noticed a significant decrease, which supports the idea that this could be celiac's, but it is still a problem for me. I don't eat any thing that is obviously wheat (breads, pastas, etc.) but I do eat out at reasturants and don't pay very much attention to sauces, etc. I guess I assumed that a little bit would be OK. However, now that I'm not eating major amounts of wheat but gas is still a problem (although better) I'm wondering if even small / trace amounts of gluten can be the culprit. In terms of other symptoms I have had some depression and I occasionaly get GERD / acid reflux (where I feel like something is stuck in my throat and I have to burp it out, maybe once every one or two weeks). So my main question is can it be Celiac's even if the only major symptom I have is gas and if it is can even trace amounts of gluten (such as malt flavoring in rice cereal) cause this symptom? Also, once my intestines are damaged from gluten, can eating non-gluten foods cause gas because my intestines aren't working properly? How long would this last after accidentaly ingesting gluten? Thanks for any help!
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