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  1. Ok, so you have all talked me into it. I went and got a bread machine tonight. HELP?!?! lol I saw the recipe, and the suggestions of other things to use as ingredients, instructions on using certain settings.etc. So if anyone else has any other suggestions before I dive into trying this thing out, PLEASE let me know! Thanks! P.S. I assume the bread machine can be used for other baking ? loaves of other types of bread and such? Pam in Ohio
  2. With her being pre-diabetic we have to watch the sugar content of everything, as well as fruits and vegetables that break down as sugar in the body. Typically before her dx, dinner would be things like lasagna, steak or chicken with a flavored rice dish, and vegetables, beef stews, chili, fried chicken, stir fry with vegetables and pizza every now and then. It's just that everything I would make normally has some kind of mixture with it or sauce that has gluten. It's easier to watch the sugar than the gluten because some labels can be confusing and have ingredients listed that don't flat out say gluten, yet they have gluten in them. She hates the gluten free breads and doesn't care for most of the other items I have found. She doesn't take it very seriously even with the warnings from her doctor. She's 11 and just at that age where she's being rebellious. I'm really worried that if I don't get her on some kind of a routine where she knows what she can and can't have and sticks with it, she's going to be in really bad shape down the road. We've tried just about everything we would normally eat in gluten free foods but only one out of all of them was even remotely tolerable other than cereals.
  3. Did the dr say it was ok to buy a used bread machine? I was going to try and get one but was told not to buy used because of leftover residue from flour, also was told not to use anything that was previously used for non gluten free foods, even to ask when out to dinner if the food was cooked in the same area as non gluten free foods because of residue. I think that's pretty knit picky but I guess in this situation you have to be? I'd really like to get a bread machine but I'm not sure how much affordable the mixes would be, I haven't found any so far that are more than a few cents less. I agree that coupons are great and I'll be looking out for more of them to use. Every little bit helps!
  4. Thanks. I do use a lot of brown rice and I try to buy frozen vegetables as much as I can. Problem is, I have very few meal plans with the things she can eat. With her being pre-diabetic we have to watch the foods that have high sugar content, or turn into sugar in the body. So other than just a plain meat, some vegetables and rice, I have nothing else I know I can make. Since I can't afford much, I can't go buy all of the ingredients for baking and other recipes that call for things I don't have. With such a minimal income, I don't have the opportunity to buy in bulk really. My short term disability is down to $205 a month now, and that is really hard to stretch with bills alone, much less meals and such. I am very thankful that whatever I buy from whole foods market I can return for refund if she doesn't like it, even if it's an empty box, as long as I have the receipt. But even they have a limited amount of gluten free foods. Most she won't even touch other than very basic things that wouldn't be much of a meal. School lunches is another nightmare. The only thing she can eat when they are serving things she can't have is salad. She won't eat salad all the time. I go without as much as I can so I can get her the foods she can have, but it's usually not even enough to last a week.
  5. There is actually an international market nearby, but I haven't found anything more than the regular stores that are more affordable. I have been able to get a pretty good deal on brown rice, but getting her to eat it all the time is another story lol. I'm glad that she likes vegetables but we still have to do things in moderation because she's pre-diabetic. I read how celiacs that do not follow a gluten free lifestyle are at much greater risk of gastrointestinal cancer and it scares the life out of me. The rest of my family refuses to be tested for celiac because they said they'd rather not know, pretty stupid if you ask me. I was tested and was negative. Her father has diverticulitis and may be one that has celiac but he won't get tested either. That's on them, but as for me, I am at my wits end. I just can't afford the gluten free foods. I can barely afford regular foods at this point. I just wish there was some kind of help out there or at least more affordable gluten-free options. A lot of it is mixes and things you have to buy other ingredients for, and those are even more expensive. It's terribly depressing to feel so helpless right now. I'm not giving up, but in the meantime, i'm afraid the damage that will already be done will make things even worse. Thanks for all of the suggestions, I appreciate it. Pam in Ohio
  6. I do agree that Dr. Salt is a good dr to see, although I think I've been to every single GI dr in Columbus. As of now all of them have given up on me and are sending me to Cleveland Clinic Feb 2nd. It's a long haul but I heard Dr. Timothy Rice there is outstanding. I have my own GI issues, but not celiac. My daughter does have celiac and it has become and absolute nightmare. She has eczema so the skin rashes associated with celiac are not easy to detect. She has not lost any weight, instead she's gained, and her abdomen seems really bloated. No matter how hard I try, I just can't afford gluten free foods all the time, so it's either eat what little we have, or go without. I can't let her starve. I took her to see Dr. Wallace Crandall at Childrens Hospital after her diagnosis and he is wonderful. However, I cannot say the same for their " I know everything, you know nothing" dietician. I understand I have to make changes and go by a gluten free diet for my daughter but I certainly don't need someone to belittle me in the process. So we have not had help from any dietician, other than Dr. Crandall's suggestions. Unfortunately, none of them help me afford the gluten-free foods. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated, and YES I would like to know about gluten-free places to eat in Columbus. Thanks so much, Pam in Ohio Jay, Do you see Dr. Edison or Dr. Salt for routine check ups? I was just curious if it was necessary after diagnosis to continue seeing a GI doctor?
  7. My 11 yr old daughter was diagnosed with celiac about 2 yrs ago. I was stunned as it was an accidental finding while being treated for acid reflux. I left the dr office that day feeling like I had a totally different child. Since then it has been a tremendous struggle, as I'm sure it is for others dealing with celiac. I'm a single mom and my only income is from short term disability from my work. It's gotten to the point that either she has to eat things she's not supposed to have, or not eat at all. It tears me up to know that it's hurting her to eat the things she shouldn't, but I can't make her starve. There is absolutely no assistance where I live in Ohio, or anywhere else I have found, for dealing with the expensive cost for gluten free foods. It has me in a serious depression at this point and I just don't know what to do. I've joined support groups online and tried to check around and find some kind of foods she can have that I can afford, but instead I got shunned by some people in the support group that felt I should just "suck it up and deal with it". I'm trying my best, but I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm barely managing to have food around as it is, much less the outrageously expensive gluten free foods in the local stores. Is there ANY help out there dealing with these expensive foods??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. All I want is to be able to take care of my daughter without causing her harm due to foods she shouldn't have. Sincerely, Pam in Ohio
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