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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if Good Earth Teas are considered gluten-free...I don't see anything suspicious on the packaging, but that isn't always reliable. Thanks in advance.
  2. My family is planning to cruise to Alaska this summer and we are wondering what type of gluten free Alaskan cruising experiences might be out there. If anyone would be willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  3. There is a North ID/Eastern WA - Gluten Free a "CDF" Chapter that meets about once a month. They usually alternate meetings between cities - Couer d'Alene and Spokane. In fact, they are meeting tomorrow at the Super 1 Foods in Coeur d'Alene. The organizer of the group, Jeanne, is incredibly helpful. I'd encourage you to get in contact with her. Here is the group's site address: http://celiacdisease.meetup.com/78/ Take care, Rhonda
  4. All of my test results are in and here is how they stand: tTG: positive Prometheus Labs: HLADQ2 positive Dietary Response: positive Vitamin D deficiency: positive Vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia): positive Biopsy: negative Capsule Endoscopy: negative My GI says I don't have Celiacs and am a "mystery". When I told him that the diet has seemed to help, he didn't really seem too impressed or offerr any advice. I'm glad that the dietary response has been positive, but I'm starting to feel pressure (probably internal) when people ask me why I'm on the diet when I don't have a diagnosis. I thought I'd come to the experts on this board to give me some feedback. Thanks in advance!
  5. I just received the results from the capsule endoscopy...all my villi are in tact. The GI says I am a "mystery" and isn't sure what is going on and isn't recommending any more testing (which is fine). There are so many factors that would seem to point to a gluten sensitivity: Vit D and B12 deficiencies, osteoporosis, elevated tTG, gastrointestinal issues....Am I way off base?
  6. Wow! Thanks so much for confirmation of what I'd already thought. In answer to the question of multiple biopsy sites...I think he only did one, but I'm not certain. He ordered the capsule biopsy to check for patchiness (if that's a real word!). Anyway, I decided this morning, before I posted that I'd go gluten-free even though I don't have an "official" diagnosis. To be honest, I'm a bit afraid and it seem a might overwhelming, but I'm guessing this forum will be a great support system from what I've seen already! Thanks again.
  7. I'm new to all of this, but would welcome some advice! About a year ago, it was discovered that I have osteoporosis (at age 43), from that a Vitamin D deficiency was found. Then the endocronologist did a Celiac blood panel and found that my tTG level was above 50 (he said around 6 is "normal") which suggested celiac disease, so he sent me to a gastroenterologist. The gastro did a biopsy (results negative), Promethius Genetic Test (one positive gene, one negative) and just recently a capsule endoscopy. Am I just being submitted to too many procedures to find a diagnosis, or is this normal? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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