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  1. I have also suspected that I was celiac and am now 6 weeks pregnant. I have always had bowel trouble, but unlike you, mine is diarrhea, and I can not be too far from a bathroom. Last week I went gluten free and felt better than I had in years! My bowels were slowly becoming formed again! Then last night I had a piece of pizza and now this morning I have diarrhea again. It is just not worth it. I am going back on the diet! I don't need any doctors to confirm this for me, I have seen the difference! I say, do what makes you feel good!!! Good luck with your pregnancy!
  2. Has anyone just done a self diagnosis? My gastroenterologist insists that I have IBS, but I know it is something more. I have: chronic diarrhea, every day, for almost 4 years now exhausted all of the time have anxiety am 15 pounds underweight never have an energy depressed cold all the time osteoporosis (I am only 31) It is difficult to leave the house sometimes because the diarrhea is so bad. I want to start my family and start living again, and am thinking that I might just go on the diet myself and see if it helps. I am just tired of fighting with the doctors. I know it would be best to get an official diagnosis, but I am really at the end of my rope. Has anyone else self diagnosed? Thanks!
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