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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. This is something that I think about EVERYDAY. The people that I am working with are incredibly supportive and they understand how celiac disease shapes what I can and cannot do. The things that I am eating at work, I make, and I know that they are made gluten-free. I wear gloves while working directly with wheat but I NEVER eat any of it. Anytime I do eat gluten-free food, I have my own plastic utensils and plastic plates. I make sure that things are cleaned properly if they have been touched by wheat. I try to be incredibly safe, and if I am getting exposured then it would be through cross-contamination--- but the only wheat-laden thing that I touch is bread. I guess it is a good thing that we are a small place (it's a gourmet deli/health food/restaurant) that caters to people who have health concerns. A decent chunk of our customer base have some type of dietary restriction-- whether lactose intolerance, celiac disease, or vegetarianism/veganism. But, I am VERY adamant about the gluten-free diet.... I don't yield to the temptation because the consequences are not worth it, in my opinion. You know what I mean.... All I know is that I really want to start my own business that melds gluten-free foods and "regular" foods, all without that being the obvious agenda. I hate seeing gluten-free foods in the "special" foods aisle!
  3. I'm from Albany! And, does anyone have information on support groups around here? I know that there is one at St. Peter's Hospital but they only meet a few times a year, and I would love to go to a celiac disease group weekly/monthly. Maybe AmyMarie? Any in Saratoga?
  4. Yeah, the other day I was running around the kitchen frantically, and I noticed that I was sweating. I decided to check my temperature and it was in the mid-97's. I was amazed! Sweating AND below 98 degrees!!! I don't have any problems with my teeth, though I have a problem with grinding and TMJ. What happens to the teeth? How would I go about getting tested for mercury poisoning--- or is that something routinely checked when getting the Lyme's test? Also, I have this very bizarre problem with eating and lightheadedness. EVERYTIME I eat I feel as though I am going to pass out. I have no idea where it's coming from, and when I talked to an ER doctor about it she said that she hadn't heard or experienced anything like it. I know that I have a low blood pressure, could that be the issue? Or could it be from the b12 and iron deficiencies? I feel like I eat enough throughout the day (especially since I have to taste everything that comes out of the kitchen) that my blood sugar level shouldn't be enhancing the problem. I don't know though... any words of wisdom and sage-ly advice?
  5. Thanks for all of your responses and advice. For the past week I have been actively charting my body temperature, and to my lack-of-surprise, it is quite low. I have ranged between 95.9 to 97.6, but never breaching 97.6. During the most active part of my day--- which is pretty much all day since I work as a chef--- my temperature was in the low 97s. I don't know what this means, or if it is normal to run a full degree lower than average, but when I saw 95.9 I was a little scared. I am trying to take this step-by-step, so I haven't considered anything beyond charting my temperature. Since you guys have experienced this, or something of this nature, I figured that you would be able to guide me to my next step. Also, I didn't mention it in my first post but I have an iron deficiency along with the b12 deficiency-- I don't know if this is related to hypothyroidism or Lyme's in any way. Thanks!
  6. I am a new poster, so here is a little bit of my story... Three years ago I was a full-time student who was constantly sick from Celiac Disease, but still in the dark. To manage my stress better, and not mar my academic career with bad grades, I decided to go to school part-time while rehabing my body and researching what was wrong with me. In doing so I forfitted my insurance benfits, which, at the time, I didn't realize how vital they were going to be. Before my insurance ran out I had a blood test for celiac disease and it said that I wasn't positive (we know what that means!), but I have a B12 and an Iron Deficiency. My doctor administered a once-a-week B12 injection that she said was "enough to sustain a horse". After five weeks, she tested my blood once again, and my levels hadn't changed at all. She said that the reason could be from celiac disease and malabsorption. Soooo... I have been doing this gluten-free thing without medical supervision for two and a half years. Everything sans-gluten was going great until recently. I have been having problems with unexplained weight gain, swelling of hand and feet, frequent and somewhat drastic mood swings, a lack-luster libido, inconsistency with bowel movement (even though I am completely gluten-free), dizziness while eating, muscle pain, and exhaustion. I researched my symptoms in conjunction with celiac disease, and it looks like I may have hypothyroidism. I know it is tempting to tell me to get health insurance as soon as possible, but I cannot go to school full-time because I can't handle the physical and mental stress of work, school, and celiac disease... and if I do go back full-time then my grades and pocket with suffer tremendously, and that cannot happen either. It is really a bad and over-dramatic situation. So, my questions are.... what can I do to find out if I have a thyroid disorder? Do my pre-existing conditions have a link with hypothyroidism? And, most importantly, how do I treat it without insurance? Also, I have done some research about things that would speed up my thyroid, as a result I have increased the amount of Celtic sea salt and coconut oil in my diet, and I was condsidering taking natural iodine/sea kelp supplements and charting my temperature changes. Any thoughts on that? I would love some seasoned advice, because I am 22 years old and and in more pain than my friends that are triple my age! Monica.
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