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  1. Hi, I have a question maybe some of you can answer. My husband's ferritin was very low last year (16 with the normal 33-266). His Iron, Transferrin, Hemoglobin, and Hemocrit were normal. He's a big time runner and long-term vegetarian, so we assumed this is the reason for the low ferritin, so he started taking iron supplements. A month ago, a friend convinced him that the cause might be celiac or gluten sensitivity, and he stopped the supplement and has been mostly gluten free since then. He just had a blood test and the ferritin was up to 51 (normal 33-266). Now this friend is convinced it is the gluten-free month that is responsible for the change (unfortunately he didn't get a blood test before going gluten-free). I'm a bit more skeptical -- that seems like a big jump in 1 month, and think it's more likley the year of supplements the caused the jump. Any opinions or advice as to where to go from here and what his next moves should be? (His only celiac related symptom before this month was tiredness, which he feels has improved beng gluten-free.)
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