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  1. If you consider how your lungs and diaphragm work, where your diaphragm has to contract downward to let your lungs expand, it may make sense. The gas could be preventing this from happening easily so you end up struggling to take a full breath. I think this is why when I'm really bloated it's easier to breath laying down. I actually bought a breathing device where you breath in and out against resistance thinking this would strengthen my diaphragm. It may help some but getting rid of this @#$% bloating is probably the key!
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else out there has trouble breathing or getting a good deep breath? I'm thinking it's because of my bloating or my stomach feels like it has a big rock in it. Maybe this causes problems with your diaphragm. I work out and am in good shape but just so often feel like I can't breath good. This sound familiar to anyone?
  3. I understand your frustration as I have been gluten, dairy and egg free for 10 months and still have problems. I do have periods where it gets better for a week or more and then worse again. It would be nice if people on the forum who are better would post how long it took. If it can take over a year than you at least have hope. It may be that the people who got better are no longer on the boards. The majority of the people here are probably looking for answers just like you and I! Maybe we need to research this question elsewhere. I know I read things where people talk about being so much better after only a week of being gluten free but I kind of wonder if that is hype. The truth may be that if your intestinal lining is damaged from years of gluten it may take a long time to finally fully heal. I know I keep debating about going back to another gastro doctor thinking this diet is not the answer but the docs haven't helped me so far so I keep waiting it out. The other thing you may consider is when you first go off gluten I heard that your symptoms can actually get worse before you get better. My suggestion would be to hang in there and see if you get better for at least for short periods of time.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I've had problems for over 10 years and have done the elimination diets and allergy testing, etc. I know what I am eating now is okay and I eat EXACTLY the same foods every day. I did this to eliminate variables when I went on the gluten free diet. I can go for a couple of weeks and do fine and then it's bad again for weeks. So I'm done with the food elimination deal I just thought that maybe the damage done to my intestines can take a long time to heal, that is why I was curious if anyone out there took a long time to finally feel better.
  5. HI, Just wondering how long it took for everyone to feel better? I have been on a gluten, dairy and egg free diet now for 10 months and not much better. Thanks.
  6. Yea, I'm hoping that my gluten-free diet will help over long term. It is encouraging to hear people say that it took a year or longer, means I still have hope! Thanks again.
  7. Hi Felidae, Thanks for the reply. I don't eat soy so that's not an issue. I've been on food elimination diets before and it never seemed to matter. I've been eating EXACTLY the same foods every day now for over 6 months as I wanted to remove all variables. There seems to be no pattern as I can feel fine for a week or two and then it gets bad again without changing my diet at all. I suppose it could be related to gas but the spasm is in the same location everytime. It's weird.
  8. Hi, I'm new to this board but have been gluten, dairy and egg free for almost 10 months now. Like a lot of you I have been to many doctors with gobs of tests all showing no problem. Blood work showed no gluten problem but Entero Labs showed gluten, dairy and egg positive. My question is I have a symptom that never seems to go away or if it does for only a short time and then comes back over and over again. Besides bloating my symptom is a very quick spasm or cramp or hard pinch just below my navel to the right. It varies in intensity to where it is hardly felt or can be quite painful like a charley horse but it is always just a split second long. I can have a hundred a day or I can have a couple. When I first went on the gluten free diet I felt pretty good for 2 months and then it all came back. Now it comes and goes to where I can have a good week or two and then 3 weeks from h*ll. I eat simple whole foods and eat the same thing everyday so I don't get "glutened" at all. Anybody out there have anything close to this? Thanks, Curt
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