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  1. Hi, I was diagnosed with IC just about a year ago. It all started excatly one year ago with a cyst rupturing. After tests to rule out cancer, I was sent to a urologist and he said I had IC. It was very painful and hard to deal with until I discovered Matia Brizman's website...... http://www.icaroadtorecovery.com/matia.htm She's an angel! After following the diet I was just about perfect. You'll have to check out her website to find out more about her procedures, but she's awesome! After not having any flare ups for about two months, This latest one was triggered by my Period and ovulation. Still having the flare up and am back on a very strict diet again and I will not go off that diet again! I think I got a little cocky feeling normal again, I guess that can happen. With the frequency I'm having, I still feel very blessed that I am not in the pain I was in last year at this time and thank God for that. Still can't wait for this flare up to go away though! I'm sure it will soon....I just need to be patient. In the meantime, hot baths help and doing Physical exercise helps. Probably because they just keep my mind off it. But I'm very determined not to let this get the best of me!! What was that stuff you were talking about that you take before you eat and it helps? Please let me know and tell me where I can get that. I feel that I contacted IC because of trying to get pregnant....all the fertility stuff they gave me. Thanks for your help!! Lon
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