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  1. Judy, Yes, thank you very much it has been very helpful. I am feeling alot better. Nicole2
  2. Thank you for all of the positive advice. It is just nice knowing that their are people out their that are able to answer some of my questions and cocnerns. Again thank you for taking the time to inform me and help me to calm down a little. Nicole2
  3. Hello, I am new to this website, as well as, to the disease. I just found 1 week ago and I have been very scared since. My husband I have been married for 8 months and want to bring a baby into our family. However, I am scared because all I have heard is that their are alot of miscarriages with women who have Cliac disease. I have already found a prenatal vitamin the is gluten free and it is made by KAL. However, I have to take 6 tabelts a day. Am I doing everything I can do to prepare? What else can i do? Nicole2
  4. Hello, I am very sorry for your loss. I just found out at 26 that i have Celiac disease. I am trying to learn everything that I can so my husband and I can still try to have a child. I am sorry that i do not have any advise. However, I am seeking information out for myself and I will pass any along that I find. Nicole2
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