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  1. Does anyone happen to have a receipe for bread that does not contain yeast or sugar; I can substitute grains and dairy; finding it hard to substitute yeast and sugar. would really appreciat the help. Thanks so Much!!!!!!!!! 3boysmom
  2. Dear Sally, I just knew I had to register for this site when I saw your trouble. I too have a non working thyroid; I'm on 90mg bio-identical (desicated). I also have a wonderful Dr who makes me read, read, read; she gives me the resources and helps me, but doesn't want any dumb patients she says. Anyway, it might be helpful to pick up these books at your local library and give them a read and some thought; they have certianly helped us and I am slowly going off the meds, I now alternate 90mg one day and 60mg the next; so there is hope; to the books I get sidetracked. The yeast Connection by Dr Crooke The Yeast connection and the Woman also by Dr Crooke The Schwarzbein Principle by Diana Schwarzbein 4 Blood Types, 4Diets, Eat right for your Type by Dr Pete J. D'Adamo The Color Diet by David Heber There are also cookbooks to go with them; I discovered how much they help when one of our sons was put on a wheat,yeast, sugar, dairy free diet to cure his candadida overgrowth from mono. We all went on the diet for the most part.......so much more energy, just takes a little planning. Hope this may help; God Bless and Good luck.. 3boysmom
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