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  1. Hi Dan I'm new to this also - your symptoms sound similar to those I had before I was diagnosed three years ago. I thought I had a virus at first as I felt ill and had diarrhoea. Afer a week, my shoulder became really painful and stiff and this was followed by my knees, finger knuckles and toe joints. I had suffered from mouth ulcers for years on and off including ulcers on my tonsils and was booked in to have these removed. My Doctor sent me for blood tests which came back negative for coeliac disease but she wouldn't give up and after an endoscopy, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease - the damage to my gut was described as severe. After two weeks on a gluten free diet, I felt like a new person and have had no mouth ulcers or joint problems since. I get the odd bout of pain and intestinal upsets if I have inadvertently eaten somthing containing gluten. I declined to have my tonsils removed and have not had a sore throat since.
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