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  1. Well, It was thought that I may have Aspergers Syndrome in my early teens, and(connected?) I definitely had bad social anxiety. Went off the Gluten at 19, and 3 years later I'm a different person. The difference has been amazing. I'm out there doing customer service, great reputation for being good with customers, just, you know, living my life in ways that wouldn't have been likely a few years ago. I'd actually be interested in hearing if anyone else who either has Aspergers or has been thought to have it has had an almost complete disappearance of Asperger symptoms by going Gluten-Free?
  2. Because there are varying degrees of severity with Celiac, she may be right about her husband. I know that personally I do not need to have seperate toasters(not that I ever get to eat toast, for obvious reasons) etc than anyone else -I hadn't even heard of the idea until I read your post, but using the same appliances doesn't seem to hurt me, and I can eat a sandwich(wheat) and while i'll be bloated as heck and in pain for a day or so, it's not long-term pain, and it won't have me incapacitated. Not everyone has it severely, just enough for it to be a nuisance. It's not stupidity, it's a matter of severity of the condition, and possibly, it depends on what your doctor has told you regards 'treatment'.
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