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  1. Geoff, I think you jumped the gun. They just put the on-line ording in place this weekend. You can order now. Tim
  2. There is a topic out there about Van Harden's Cheese Crust Pizza that you can get at Hy-Vee Stores. Well, now you can order Van's terrific pizza on line at his web site. http://vanharden.com My wife and I just love this pizza. He has cheese, pepperoni and sausage. Bakes nice, no mussy crust. This pizza is great even if it wasn't gluten free. I just hit the web site, and it looks like you can start ordering pizzas Feb 19th, 2007. Tim Meyer
  3. Good News. I talked with Van Harden the other day, he invented the Cheese Crust Pizza selling at Hy-Vee stores. Well, he said that starting Feb 19th, 2007 you can order the Van Harden Frozen Cheese Crust Pizzas from his web site. http://www.vanharden.com My wife and I have had both the fresh and the frozen Van Harden pizza, and we like the frozen the best!
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