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  1. Over here no-one has ever heard of it. Its not like you can't tell people either as a lot of social events involve eating. Some people do put themselves on a gluten free diet when they dont need to be. I don't get that, I would love to be able to eat normally. In a social situation you kind of have to draw attention to yourself as you have to ask for gluten free food. Perhaps if more restaurants had maybe a couple of gluten free options on their menu it would help. Its frustrating that they include vegetatarian options but its not going to make a vegetarian sick if they ate meat, its purely a choice they have made. ~Thats what it is like in the UK, grrrrr......frustrating. I don't eat out generally as I am concerned that they don't really understand. I have asked for gluten free salad in the past and been given one with croutons on it and a bread roll!
  2. If I eat sugar free mints (which I stay away from) I get the most embarassing wind ever, my guts feel like they are going explode. Anyone else have problems with artificial sweetners? Anyone know why as well? thanks
  3. I have been coeliac for 5 years now and it never fails to amaze me peoples reactions. I have been called a freak and told you're just a fussy eater. People can be amazingly judgemental and tend to be very ignorant about it. A little understanding goes a long way. Is it the same in USA or are people more understanding?
  4. I have the same itching, its an itch you simply cant describe to anyone who isnt a coeliac. I have aloe vera gel which does soothe it and I also take an anti histamine which works.. I have caused black bruises from itching.
  5. I have just discovered I have a problem with oranges too. I have been coeliac for 5 years. I been off sick 2 days from eating an orange. It feels like I have an alien in my guts trying to get out and then diarhea. I am staying off oranges for sure.....
  6. Corn bread is a good one, I have made that in the past. I think I wll have to do some baking this weekend. Thanks all
  7. I think thats what has happened to me, as I have become older. As it goes through my system it is really quite painful. yep I definately will not eat oranges again. So much for trying to be more healthy lol
  8. I always find breakfasts quite difficult. Does anyone have recipes or can let me know what they have? I use this spread sometimes for toast. Its mackerel, we eat fish in the UK for breakfast sometimes, like kippers. Anway take 3 of the smoked pre cooked mackerel you can get, add several desertspoons of horseradish sauce (to make a spread) , a dash of lime juice and some black pepper. Whiz up with electronic whizzer and you get a kind of pate. Its really very tasty.
  9. I always have aloe vera juice in the house as I think it soothes my guts. I have acidophillus tablets also in the fridge and drink lots of water. I would say always be prepared as we all make mistakes from time to time.
  10. Does anyone have problems with oranges? I have been off sick today as I ate an orange yesterday. I get bad stomach cramps and then diarhea. Just wondered if this is common in coeliacs.
  11. I have been gluten free for 3 years now. I was the same when I got a cold I was absolutely wiped out. I think it might be the anaemia as well that your body cann't cope with a cold on top of everything else. You'll be glad to know that I very rarely get a cold now which I'm delighted about.
  12. At the moment I have been suffering with symptoms similar to when I was diagnosed 3 years ago. The old irritable bowel syndrome symptons and night sweats. Yet I stick strictly to my diet. The only thing that I can think of that may be causing it is the gluten free bread which contains a very small amount of wheat (Codex Alimentarius) which is supposed to be tolerated by coeliacs. At the moment I have stopped eating it to see if my symptoms improve. I know you can get the bread completely wheat free.Has anyone else experienced problems due to this?
  13. My mum told me that I would drive her mad as a child because I wouldn't sleep. I still have problems now but its not as bad as I have been diagnosed for the past 3 years.
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