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  1. The big "D" along with gas and bloating are my only symptoms. I feel fine otherwise.
  2. I've been gluten free for over 6 months and have been feeling great! But lately i've been experiencing some really embarassing and terrible smelling gas! Its super embarrassing.....it smells really bad...what could this be?
  3. I've been taking pro-biotics for the last few weeks, because my doctor told me too. As well as eating pro-biotic yogurt and juice! I feel great! Its unbelievable the difference its made for me!
  4. The truth is Celiac diease affects so many people differently that its hard to nail down direct links to the diease and dentistry. We do know that malabsorption is a huge factor in causing dental enamel abnormalities, as well as in people with vitamen Deficiencies. People with malformed enamel can be also caused by heredity traits, and if you were sick say with a fever for example when you were around the age your teeth buds were forming you can also have a yellowish ring around the base of your back molars. Certain medications can also cause defects in emamel, or medications your mother took with pregnant with you. The main thing is take care of your teeth, especially having Celiac its very true in saying oral health is overall health!
  5. I'm a dentist, and their are actually relations to teeth grinding and celiac diease. I would encourage you to see your dentist and have a night appliance made. I recommend them to my patients who have symptoms with their teeth grinding, i have never had any of my patients not like the appliances i've made. They help alot!
  6. So Smirnoff is made from corn? So its should be safe ...what about SKYY vodka?
  7. Thanks...next time i'll go with the SKYY vodka. We had the Silent Sam vodka. i just really wanted to have a drink!! I'm not sure though, even before i was diagnosed it seems that hard alcohol always had a bad affect on me, just worse now!
  8. I think after being diagnosed two months ago, i feel like i've experienced every symptom possible. My main problem has been D. The last few days i actually feel good, for the first time in months. I really think taking probiotics and eating alot of probiotic yogurt, cheese etc is helping. I was feeling so good i agreed to going out for a few drinks, and had a few vodka parlyzers. The next morning back to the same old D. Its so frustrating, i thought most hard alcohols were distilled enough to be okay? Anyway i guess that probably gave me the D. It seems my record is a week without D...its very frustrating.
  9. Thanks guys! I'm sure iti'll be fine, just am nervous not knowing really what to expect but i guess it's for the best.
  10. I'm waiting to have a colonoscopy and i'm really really nervous about it. Is it really bad? They said i'll be sedated but does it hurt??? DO you feel anything? need some feedback.. super stressed out about this!
  11. I got majorly glutened, i ate some pizza that was supposed to be safe. I felt fine for three days later and thought everything was fine until MAJOR D hit me at WORK! I've just been diagnosed a little over a month ago. As soon as i took out the gluten the FOUL smelling gas is gone, and my stools are actually formed! I was so happy. Is the foul smelling gas something that happens to anyone else?? And its just scary cuz when i do get D i end up being in the bathroom three times in an hour, there is a serious amount of waste that exists my body fast~!! My doctor told me to take some Probiotics. Does anyone else take them? Do they help?
  12. Its usually takes at least 8 hours for me to react to anything. But i ate the pizza three days ago, and haven't had any problems usually but now i would have had massive D. I've had a couple normal bathroom visit since i ate it. I really think Dairy is my problem...i hope i finally figured it out!! i'm seeiing my Dr. on friday...they can do a blood test to see if you have problems digesting dairy right? When i dont eat dairy i dont have that bad bad smelling gas... (i can't believe i'm talking about gas/and D i've never thought i'd be so open)
  13. About the mercury in your Teeth. I'm a dental assistant, and even though there is alot of talk about silver fillings, there has been alot of research to sugguest that the amount of mercury you have in your mouth isn't harmful. The truth is white fillings in most cases are used now, but they do seem to cause more sensitivity in patients, and have a higher re-decay rate. Silver fillings dont look as nice but in most areas are a better choice because they are more durable, cheaper, and have a proven longer life span. So unless you need to replace the fillings becuase of other reasons (decay, fillings breaking down, abcess) i'd just leave the mercury.
  14. The pizza had a bit of cheese on it not much. The last three times i had D it was after i ate, alot of iced cream, alot of chip dip, and cream cheese. I find that if i eat small portions of dairy all day i just have really bad smelling gas, but if i eat alot at once i usually end up with D. So its possible not to react to Dairy until the next day?
  15. I've been having having problems with gas/D...ever since i had the flu a few months ago. My doctor did a blood test and my IgG level was slightly raised so he told me to stop eating gluten. I have but lately i think Dairy is more my problem. I ate Pizza on the weekend, and felt great, if i had a problem with gluten wouldn't i have been sick? Lately the triggers of my D have been iced-cream (that was gluten free) and chip dip. I heard that if you have problems digesting dairy you experience symptoms right after you consume it. For me my symptoms seem to come hours later of the morning after i eat dairy. Is that normal?? Or does it sound more like IBS?
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