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  1. Hi everyone, So, in the interest of being concise, here are my latest symptoms: 1. I woke up feeling awful this morning, and had a bout of diarreah-the usual floating, smelly kind..ugh... 2. Wierdly, I usually feel worse after a bout of that than not...took a Tums, had some Saltines, and some soup for lunch...not much help. After lunch, had a very small amount of diarreah... 3. Felt yucky all day...Fatigue, "brain fog," I feel like my digestive tract is always "spastic"-can't seem to relax. 4. Had chips and spinach dip for supper, with water and green tea, and feel even more horrible now. Slight headache, even worse fatigue. I feel like I could sleep 12 hours straight. My digestive system feels like there is still something bothering it, though I currently don't have a diarreah urge... Did anyone else go through these symptoms? I suffer them almost on a daily basis. I think the fatigue is probably the worst part for me...I'm only 29 but I feel so old and tired...I have no energy. As a sidenote, I will say that, at times, my thyroid levels have been in the higher range of normal. I know this can "throw your whole system off.' Well, I got a thyroid test done, and it came back squarely normal: At 0.57. But I know my thyroid can sometimes spike slightly high when I'm under a lot of stress. Is it possible to have a slightly "off" thyroid (in my case, an overactive thyroid) even when the test comes back in the normal range? In any case, I'm going to schedule a doctor's appointment to get food allergy test done as well as the celiac blood panel...this suffering is driving me crazy...
  2. I have orange juice from concentrate... I have never been tested for an ulcer...
  3. [Thanks for your interesting comments....just an update. Last night, for supper, I had a meal featured in the gluten-free gourmet cookbook: Chicken breasts with rosemary in orange juice (baked), with brown rice. I had carrots on the side, and a cup of soy milk. Well, this morning, I had another bout of diarrhea. I'm wondering about the orange juice. I love orange juice, and usually drink it more than anything else. However, after drinking it, I can feel my stomach doing flip-flops (maybe due to the acid content?). I have the same issue with tomatoes, and with coffee drinks. Is it common to have an intolerance to all acidic foods? Does that mean you don't have enough alkaline in your system? I have had to deal with lots of stress over the years (or, more to the point, I don't handle stress well). Any thoughts on this? Also, is fructose intolerance very common? Thanks...
  4. Hi everyone, Thanks for your comments and insight. Just to update you: I have been on lactaid for a few days now, and have taken one each time I have had dairy, but the BM issue doesn't seem to have been affected... Anyway, as of last night, due to being stranded at a hotel due to a winter storm, I had to eat something microwavable, so I ended up eating the following: 1. a small container of macaroni and cheese (microwavable) 2. a butterfinger-flavored granola bar (snack) 3. soy milk (chocolate) 4. some Pringles (snack) I know, not very nutritious. I woke up this morning and had the same BM problem as always... Interestingly, I wonder if all of those things contain wheat? I'm not sure about Soy milk...does anyone know?
  5. Hi everyone, I am batting around the idea of whether or not I may have some sort of food allergy/intolerance. My mom has had lactose intolerance (and is also allergic to cheese-something she has had since childhood). Anyway, probably one of my biggest issues is sleeping. Here are my symptoms: 1. I go to sleep at night, but my sleep seems light and very "active" (lots of fragmentary, odd dreams, easily awakened). 2. I almost always wake up in the morning with congestion and a full head. This gradually disapates as the day goes on. 3. I have continuous muscle spasms in my upper right shoulder and neck area, which seems to "flare up" more in the morning, as well, especially when I am driving to work. I got it checked out by a chiropractor, who said these muscles were indeed "very tense" and he cracked a few places and gave me some exercises to do. I have for years carried a heavy tote bag on my right shoulder (my left shoulder doesn't seem to be affected). Nonetheless, part of me wonders if these spasms have anything to do with an overall body reaction to something I eat. (I also felt compelled to blame it on my mattress, as it seems I wake up with all sorts of generalized "muscle aches" in the morning... 4. Shortly after I wake up in the morning, I usually have loose, mucousy, smelly stools. Sometimes I skip a day and they are there the next day, and so forth. I can't seem to pinpoint exactly what is causing it. 5. I feel very fatigued and exhausted for the remainder of the day. It takes me forever to do things I used to do with ease. I have no energy or ambition. 6. I also suffer with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. It seemed like, after my grandma's death seven years ago, my overall sense of well-being took a nosedive. I had work-related stress for years after that, and even though I no longer work in that job, it seems as though I react more strongly to stress overall. 7. This all started in my early 20s-before that, I was unaware of any food allergy or intolerance. I am approaching 30 this summer, but feel like I'm about 90. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
  6. Hi, Thanks for all of your replies. I just wanted to update you: Yesterday for lunch, I had a Caesar salad at a restaurant. Unfortunately, it came with crutons. I tried to take most of them off, and ate around them, but I also had some of the dressing, which may have had gluten in it. It also had Swiss cheese. Then, later, for supper, I had stir-fry, with brown rice, canned pineapple chunks, leftover potroast, carrots, green peppers, onions, olive oil, curry, ginger and black pepper. I thought this was gluten-free...but overnight, I was all congested (as usual) and after being up in the morning for a few hours, had a strong urge to have a BM...I did, and I could actually see pieces of rice. So, now I'm wondering if I have an allergy to rice...is this common with celiacs? I know rice is a staple of the gluten-free diet...further, I'm wondering if the reaction was triggered by something other than the rice-but it was the rice I saw, which apparently hadn't been completely digested. Now, as the day progresses, my mind continues to be foggy with fatigue. Does anyone have any thoughts on this latest episode? (Also, as of today, I started taking lactaid-don't know if it's working yet)...
  7. Hello, This is my first post to these forums. For about six or seven years, following a major life stressor (my grandma's death, which I took very hard) I have suffered from a dizzying array of physical and mental symptoms and have generally felt unwell. In addition to depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I think I may have some sort of food allergy. My mother is lactose intolerant, and is also allergic to cheese. I am unaware of anyone in my family being gluten intolerant, although I suppose that it's possible they could be and just don't know it or don't have severe symptoms. In my case, I feel the worst in the morning. I wake up and my neck and back muscles, especially in my right side, spasm and ache (this could be due to the fact I've carried a heavy tote bag on that shoulder for years-I got checked by a chiropractor recently and he said the muscles there were "very tense"-I initially felt better but now, after a week, I continue to be sore in that region). I also wake up congested, and the congestion usually gets better throughout the day, as I'm up and moving around. Nearly every morning, I have loose stools (not quite diahrrea) that smell bad, as if I'm reacting to something in my diet (I eat my heaviest meal in the evenings). This seems to worsen when I eat acidic foods, such as anything with tomatoes (like spaghetti sauce), orange juice (which I love, even though I feel immediate indigestion after drinking it). I also have avoided bread for years, but sometimes feel bad after eating pizza. Almost immediately after eating, I also suffer some reflux. I am also chronically exhausted and just don't feel good. I'm 29 years old and feel like an old woman. No libido, either, and my husband is getting frustrated because we'd like to start a family, but it's hard to be in the mood when I feel such malaise... and if I get pregnant, I want to be at the best level of health I can. I "look" healthy overall...but the dark circles under my eyes, achy muscles and lack of energy kind of "give me away" as suffering with something. I hesitate to think it could just be depression or anxiety, though these things play a role. I have this sense as though I am not being truly "nourished" by what I eat. One of my mom's friends recently told me that, in her 60s, she had just been diagnosed as celiac. My mom said to me, 'Maybe you should look into that, too." I just want some answers-I'm tired of feeling so out of it all of the time, lethargic and yucky. Any thoughts? Has anyone experienced similiar symptoms?
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