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  1. So, basically, the bad days I've had the last two days are probably just my usual waxing/waning of the illness - the gluten isn't out of my system? I may not have been glutened at all? How long did most of you take to actually feel better long term (without bad days)? Thanks!
  2. My major issues with (suspected) gluten intolerance have been muscle aches and pains, as well as depression and other mental disorders (stomach problems are there, but less of a worry as I've gotten used to them). I've been off gluten for about 3 weeks (last week, I got blood drawn to test for celiac). I was feeling great! Then, the last two days have been like a relapse - I'm tired, achy and really, really sad. I feel like stuffing my face with bread, because maybe it's not the gluten... and eating's always been my solution to depression. I do have a question, though... I ate some pizza made with Chebe crust and gluten free sauce and cheese. I cut the pizza with a cutter which had been previously used to cut wheat pizza, but I then rinsed with hot water. Could gluten have still been on the cutter? Could such a small amount provoke symptoms (I believe there may have been some gluten in the salad dressing as well). If I was able to "live" eating large amounts of gluten for 28 years, would such a small amount make me sick (is it because I hadn't been eating any?) Thanks for any insight.
  3. Hi! I'm new here, Tori, 28/F, married, 1 daughter. I've been sick for about 9 years now, originally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then a formal diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome three years later (making the fibro secondary). I am not convinced that fibro is all that is wrong with me, as I also have IBS, GERD and extreme fatigue - as well as weight gain that will not come off no matter what I do. About three years ago, I had a blood test done to check for celiac disease (not sure which one) and it came back negative. I still think there's a possibility of food allergies, though, and wheat/gluten seems the most likely choice. I am going back to see the dr next week and ask for another blood test for food allergies, including gluten. I just was wondering, could I still have a gluten intolerance with a negative blood test? Also, I started on a gluten free diet today - will this hurt anything if I'm not gluten-intolerant? Thanks so much!
  4. This is sincerely freaky to me. I have EDS type III (hypermobile type) as does my mom. I just today started reading up on gluten intolerance as a possible trigger for my flare-ups of fibromyalgia (I tested neg blood test for celiac disease a few years back, but now I'm wondering). Today was my first day of gluten free eating... I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tori
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