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  1. Hi there I 'm needing some help. My daughter is still experiencing behavioural problems even when off Gluten, Dairy and soya. Mostly problems communicating her emotions and not able to stop her self going off like a bomb many times a day. She has one form of speech thats shouting!! She is unable to understand the other persons perspective. The diet has done wonders and it is much more manageable completely GI problem free. Is this prephaps as good as it gets? Does anyone else experience behavioural problems even on diet. She has terrible trouble sleeping and I am wondering if this is the root of the behavioural problems now. We have been gluten free for 4yrs 100% different cooking utensils,pans plates toaster.
  2. Hi I had to do the same for my child, B still had lots of symptoms even after 2yrs gluten/dairy free then I read a book about the SCD diet. It was the best thing I did!! The day I put her on that diet she was pain free with no behaviour changes throughout the day. Then gradually I started to reintroduce foods now I know all legume beans, soya and all soya derivatives as well as rice cause problems if eaten in to large a quantity. May be this will put your mind at rest.
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum, but my goodness your daughter reacts in the same way as my eldest daughter does! The sunburn type rash which is immediate, extreme behaviour changes. We lose our daughter for weeks if she eats gluten. I mean she no longer makes eye contact, reacts to everything, she hand flaps; is unable to sleep, is often in terrible pain comes out in a rash all over. We have often wondered if B is autistic however if you remove gluten, dairy and soya all the symptoms disappear. I would also be interested, too, if others have the same experience of gluten. There is very little written about celiac disease and autism, does anyone have children with both?
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