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  1. I've had gallbladder problems most likely due to celiac, and they cause a lot of symptoms, some of them surprising. These are ones that vary, depending on how my gallbladder is: My right neck is always more or less tight. Certain other muscles also hurt. I become more disorganized, foggy-brained and tired as stones collect and then after I pass a bunch (I have gone the route of cleanses to save my gallbladder), I can organize anything at least for a little while. I also have trouble being on time depending on where I am in the stone-passing cycle. Many people have fatty foul-smelling stools but I do not. My joints hurt. Now I've learned what certain twinges in my gallbladder area mean. I tried a few types of cleanses but recently tried Dr. Schulze's (herbdoc.com) at the recommendation of a fellow celiac, and these seem much better and easier, too. Another common problem with celiac is depression, considered to be from low seratonin, the neurotransmitter than makes us feel happy & chummy. In the gut, we make 95% of it from tryptophan. That we convert first to 5-HTP, which is a supplement. No matter what the cause is, 5-HTP can help with depression unless someone is susceptible to mania. Fortunately I am not so it worked for me -- it's important to understand how to use this particular supplement, and I used Julia Ross's book, The Mood Cure. I ended up using the other amino acids she recommends and felt years younger mentally. They also helped my gut. The gut problems caused lots of my muscles to be tight and they didn't loosen up until the gut problems healed to a certain point. What a relief, and I could finally rest better and be relaxed during the day. You certainly could have celiac, especially since some 90+% of celiacs in the US don't know it, and not all have symptoms. I hope you find answers sooner than later~ CelieSusie
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