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  1. That is what I'm hoping! I have been struggling for so long with nausea, severe bloating, early fullness, regurgitation, etc., as well as asthma, recurring yeast infections and thrush, frequent respiratory infections, orthostatic hypotension, iron anemia and magnesium deficiency. I'm so hopeful that gluten-free will be the answer I've been searching for! I think I'm going to see what happens if I focus primarily on the gluten-free and less on the gastroparesis diet. I know I can't eat raw fruits or vegetables right now or I risk blockages but I will try your suggestion about coconut oil. I currently take 400 mg of Magnesium (Mag Ox) twice a day, but I just got blood test results that indicated I'm still quite deficient. They want me to increase to three times per day. I think I might try the powder you mentioned instead of the pills I take. Also, I am on a lot of daily medications - about 10, I think. How do I know if they contain gluten and if they do...what can I do about it? Thank you for all of your advice. I'm going to take a look at the links.
  2. I've just started with gluten-free and I'm having a hard time because I also have gastroparesis. For that, I have to eat small amounts of low-fat and low-fiber foods, no fresh fruits or vegetables and meat and poultry makes me really nauseous. My diet for the past two years has consisted mostly of sugary cereals and skim milk, white bread/crackers, low fat ice cream, baby food fruits and banana smoothies. So now I'm a little confused about putting these two diets together. I have to do low-fat, low-fiber, and gluten-free. And I also have been having hypoglycemic episodes so I'm supposed to try to balance my mini-meals. Is there are a protein powder that's gluten-free? That would help me with the smoothies. How about low-fat/fat-free ice cream or frozen yogurt? Are Gerber baby food fruits gluten-free? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I feel quite overwhelmed at the moment! Crystal
  3. I don't know if this is the right place to post this question...but I'll give it a try anyway. I'm still waiting to find out based on more tests whether or not I actually have celiac. If I don't, I'm interested in checking for food allergies (wheat, soy, etc.) because I'm pretty sure something is not right. How do you get tested for these things? Do I call a regular allergist or is it some other specialty? Thanks! Crystal
  4. They gave me a copy of the results and here is what it says: Gliadin IgG AB - 31 (Moderate to Strong Positive: >30 units) Gliadin IgA AB - 2 (Negative: <20 units) Now I'm even more confused. I hadn't looked at this very closely and didn't realize that one was positive and one was negative. What does that mean??
  5. Is the hot chocolate at Starbucks gluten free? I ask because I was under the impression that a hot chocolate was made the same as a mocha, except without the espresso. So if the mocha is in question...is the hot chocolate in question, as well? I sure hope not. I just started gluten free and I don't know if I can live without my hot chocolate!
  6. I'm brand new to the gluten-free diet and feeling a bit overwhelmed! I went to Wild Oats last night to stock up but now I'm unsure about the yogurt I bought. I bought Brown Cow low-fat key lime, low-fat maple, and fat-free vanilla varieties. I read the label and didn't see anything that would indicate gluten, but it also doesn't say "gluten free," so I'd like to be sure. Does anyone know if these are okay to eat? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I don't know much about this from a gluten standpoint as I have just been (I think) diagnosed with Celiac, but I had a feeling of a lump in my throat before I started taking medicine for acid reflux. I didn't have heartburn at all - just always felt like there was something stuck in my throat. I could eat, swallow, and breathe fine - it was just distracting and bothersome. After I was on acid reflux medicine for a bit, it went away and now only comes back when I forget to take my medicine. Maybe that's your problem? I'd talk to you doctor about it. Good luck!!
  8. I've been having digestive problems for several years and was diagnosed with gastroparesis about two years ago. I have been chronically iron deficient so I recently saw a hematologist for iron infusions. She did a blood test for Celiac Sprue which came in the "moderate to strongly positive range." It was 31, and she said above 30 is in that range. I was given info about Celiac Disease and gluten free diet, but she said that my GI doc may need to do other tests to confirm the diagnosis. Is it possible to not have Celiac Disease even if the blood test is positive? I ask because everything I've read indicated that people with this problem have unexplained weight loss and diarreah. I, on the other hand, am a very healthy and stable 130 lbs and I have chronic constipation. So I'm somewhat confused at this point. Any thoughts?? Thanks! Crystal
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