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  1. I am a frequent shopper at Wild Oates. And they always try to place gluten free stickers next to the products that are gluten free. So Ive been eating this Organic soup for the past few weeks (it had the sticker next to it) when I looked at the allergy info today and it says its in a facility that processes wheat and other ingredients. Do you stay away from those because contamination is heavy? Im out 10 bucks
  2. Being both vegan and gluten free makes it extra hard for me to enjoy the foods I liked when I ate meat, and now all the alternatives to meat I cant eat either because most have wheat/gluten in them. I was at this diner called Vertical Cafe here in Utah and the waitress has celiac's also. She showed me that half the food on the menu is un-contaminated gluten free food! I loved it! Anyone else have stories like this, that you found a new place to eat catering to our special diets?
  3. Wow. I didnt even think of this. I havent kissed anyone since my allergy to gluten, but wow. Is there a way for them to wash their mouths or something?
  4. The place by me is called "Living Foods." One of the best dishes he creates is a Raw Pizza. Its so amazing it actually tastes exactly like pizza. its great
  5. For my bday last week my mom made me some gluten free vegan german chocolate cake. it probably was the best cake i ever remember having. after not being able to have all the goodies ive been wanting, im getting faith in gluten free baking.
  6. im thinking that im going to get rid of the cereal and soy milk and replace it with peanuts and something else. im trying to go raw in spring so i want to slowly get there so it wont be such a shock to me. im also a martial artist so im trying to find a way to keep my calories up. in your signature it states that you went completely organic. ive been vegan for 4 years and just waiting to make that step to all organic or maybe raw.
  7. Im going to have to go in today and ask them about it. If it is not gluten free, it could be the reason why I feel like hell for the past couple of days/weeks.
  8. We have an all raw restaraunt here, which a good friend of my owns. And my mom is also raw. I have seen nothing but good things about the diet. I myself in fact am going to try it in the spring.
  9. are you sure? wild oats always have the little gluten free thing underneath the price.
  10. Ive been vegan for about 4 years and wheat/gluten free for about 7 months. I eat about 3 cups of Puffins Peanut Butter cereal (decent protein) with Silk Omega 3 milk. About 2 cups of Spinach, 1 Advacado, 1 Banana, and a glass of Orange Juice. With the OJ I mix some Grapefruit Seed Extract and some Glutamine powder. All and all its decent protein and good calories. Puffins is the best completely wheat free/gluten free cereal I have found.
  11. Ive actually been on both for a while. About 7 months. I guess it may be a sinus infection that gets aggravated when its about to heal by a cold. I miss breathing out of both my nostrils
  12. Hello All, I was suffering from a sinus infection for almost a year. I mentioned this to my chiropracter and he told me it may be because I eat wheat. I didnt believe him and continued on being sick. I then was looking for natural ways to help my sinus infection when on of the ways was to stop eating gluten/wheat. I tried this for two weeks and felt significantly better. I then went back to eating wheat and got immediatly sick again. Ive been about 7 months wheat/gluten free since. I have yet to go to a doctor to test for allergies for wheat/gluten. Too expensive. My chiropracter is a family friend and its cheap to go to him. My problem is that there will be weeks where I feel terrific, and my sinuses dont bug me at all. Then there will be months where Im clogged up, feel horrible and huge pressure in my sinus region. When I feel great it usually starts feeling like Im coming down with a cold, then even though I fight the cold, my sinuses come back. There are times where I go to a restaraunt and they cook my food on a grill with Soy Sauce (most contain wheat), but thats as far as I have not been wheat free. Just an excess soy sauce that wasnt even mine. Can this cause it? Should I go to a doctor and make sure in wheat/gluten allergies? Or just a re-occuring sinus infection (even though I feel better for weeks at a time). I have allergies in general. Pollen, and I dont use perfumes in my laundrey or anything. Any help will be appreciated.
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