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  1. Thank you for the comment and concern. This is my second post. I have been lurking awhile but have learned alot. Thanks again.
  2. Dear Confused, So am I. My husband was dx with Crohns and Celiac in Jan. by biopsy. He has been gluten-free since that time. He was transported by ambulance last Fri. to hospital and stayed until yesterday (Wed). This was a Crohns attack. His G.I. doc came in yesterday morning and released him, wants to see him in 2 weeks. talk about new meds...but he wants him to go back to gluten until his appointment and do some blood work at that time. Can anyone tell me if this is normal although he had the positive biopsy? I am afraid he will get sick going back on gluten. Thank you for any comments. Frogster
  3. Hi All, I finally signed on after reading this message board for over a week. My husband was diagnosed with Cronh's Disease after spending 5 days in the hospital last month. We went back for the follow-up and was told he also has Celiac Disease. This message board has helped soooo much. I decided to post today because we are going Thursday to see a Dietitian. I thought it would really help us but after reading the comments today, I am not sure. His G. I. office made the appointment and no, we have not researched the Dietitian. We are a little overwhelmed with all of this. I had never heard of it until last month but he had researched his symptoms and was not surprised. This may should be under another topic but my big question is...What do you do when you have an attack? He has meds for D (also on Entocort and Nexium) but is there anything that stops the pain? Thanks.
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