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  1. after a few months gluten free, i feel relatively the same. so aside from the gas and stomach "sensations" i get, i feel great.
  2. i've been gluten-free for a few months now and still feel some effects an hour after a meal -gurgle / stomach wants to flip sensation ( almost like an empty stomach hunger pang ) -a warm feeling in the abdomen that is not constant -foul gas i also get these symptoms first thing when i wake up in the am. i'm certain there is no gluten in these meals that cause these symptoms. i have also been tested for h. pylori and tested positive, but both docs i went to see said that i don't have to treat it, my choice since they felt it was not a problem. any thoughts ?
  3. I was diagnosed and been gluten free for about 2-1/2 weeks and feel no better nor worse. I feel great except for the same symptom of getting hunger pangs / acidic stomach, and then gas 30 min after a meal. The meals I have been preparing have NO gluten or lactose in them, I'm positive. It would appear that something still is not right. It's not normal to have these continued symptoms while gluten free. I have yet to follow up with the doctor, but suspect bacteria overgrowth ( which basically produces excess gas ) who knows. This whole diet is frustrating at times, because like so many other members of this forum who get extremely ill after being glutened, i have never felt any ill effects that would drive me to stay away from gluten. Yes, i thoroughly understand that you can have NO symptoms, yet I'm told that gluten is damaging my body. Furthermore, I have read that bacteria overgrowth can "mimic" celiac villi blunting and blood tests are not always accurate. Sorry to vent, but I want to be 100% sure that gluten IS the problem before I go gluten free for the rest of my life.
  4. Looking for a second opinion, any Doctor recomendations ? Thanks
  5. forgive me if this has been said before, but can't wheat, rye, and barley be further genetically altered to remove the toxins that hurt celiacs ?
  6. If I have celiac ,my brothers and sisters may also have it if it's genetic. I am the first one in my family ( the youngest though ) to have gone through the process of determining that I have it, no one else has experienced any substantial symptoms to prompt them to go to the doctor. Yes, I know, there can be no symptoms. My question to you all with siblings is do you share similar physical traits ie height, weight, build ? I am the tallest in my family ( 6'-2") and also lean ( 190lbs ) while my sisters are tall, (5'-7 - 5'-8" ) for girls and my brother is a little shorter, (5'-9" )and they are all a little on the meatier side, not obese, but not lean like me. I consider myself NO more active than them, but our body types are so different. Is it not odd that they may have celiac, but have not remained on the leaner side of things ? I have a big appetite, and gain slowly. They on the other hand, have to be careful. Is it possible that I'm being starved a little while being celiac ? What's your story of weight on gluten, off gluten, and how do you stack up against your family ? Thanks
  7. I just had one done this past wednesday, it really was soo easy, quick, painless. I didn't even need to sleep off the drugs the rest of the day. I was put out, but not totally..more like a twilight state..not too bad at all. Apparently its' considered the best test for these GI issues, but still not always accurate. Good luck, it's really not a big deal at ALL..really ! Dave
  8. I have blood tested with elevated TTG antibodies and my endoscopy shows an inflamed/ erythema duodenum, but no lab results back yet. My symptoms are occasional minor bloating, occasional minor upper abdomen burning sensation after a meal and occasional flatulence, but no other typical celiac symptoms. My overall health and feeling is good. I have eaten gluten related food all my life and never felt a correlation between my symptoms and gluten. Furthermore, I can eat a gluten free meal and still have immediate flatulence/ minor bloating, so it would seem that there is too much bacteria in my body ? My stools are mostly well formed, they sink mostly, and I rarely have Diarhea. My question to you is can some other bacteria ( H-pylori ) or candida cause elevated antibodies / inflamed duodenum and give me these symptoms? Any thoughs are appreciated. Thanks
  9. so i just had it done, a piece of cake ! my doc wasn't so detailed in his findings, but i did see that he wrote down something to the effect of " no sprue " but the duodenum was a little inflamed. nothing was said about the vill. perhaps he has some thoughts, but is waiting on the lab results to see if there is any damge. i have tested posiive for TTg. any thoughts ?
  10. is it typical that my blood test did not check for anti-gliaden IgG and anti-endomysium ? just wondering that if the entire " panel " was not done, how accurate is the bloodwork ?
  11. Right, everyone's different. I am getting nutrition based on my weight, acitivity and overall health. I feel great. I have always had lower ferritin all my life, and at 32, I'm thriving. Yes something is wrong with my digestion with regards to excessive gas which is occasional and bloating which is also occasional. My question was if anyone has had a positive blood test with no damage to the villi ? What would the doc look for next ?
  12. i got my blood test results back and the "TTG IgG AB" is high at 81 and ferritin was slightly low, so the doc wants to do a biopsy tomorrow. I am totally shocked that the blood tests is pointing towards a celiac condition. once i learned that I may have celiac, I've been monitoring when I eat wheat , barley and/or rye and feel no ill effects ? Yes, I know that everyone doesn't have the same or even any symptoms, but is it possible that the blood test is wrong ? Lastly, after my biopsy, if my small intestine looks fine, villi are not flattened, then what ? Is a gluten free diet still necessary even though there are no physical affects ?
  13. my weight has been steady for as long as I can remeber. no fatigue. my gassiness is not consistent as sometimes after a meal, I'm like a ticking bomb of gas. Other times, I can eat the same meal and be fine ??
  14. hi, first poster here. I'm not sure yet what my gastro condition is. I went to the doc yesterday and am scheduled for the blood test panel. from what i'm reading on this forum, my symptoms don't seem to point to a gluten intolerance. this past year, it seems that I am more often a little bloated and or flatulent to the point where it is affecting my life. I do not really have any other celiac symptoms, just the gas and bloating with a cycle of good stretches and bad stretches. since I have just learned of gluten intolerance, my awareness level has been perked with what I eat and if i feel any side effects of food/ gluten. today i had a cold cut sandwich on bread with a little sausage, some pretzels and water for lunch. about an hour later, I have the gurgle like feeling in my intestines and a slightly warm feeling in the abdome/ no pain and fowl smelling gas. does this sound like gluten related or another malabsorption issue and/or bacteria issue ?
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