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  1. My 3 1/2 year old son has had constipation as his major symptom. We do not have an "official" biopsy diagnosis. But our GI specialist agrees with me that it is likely Celiac considering how dramatic the changes have been on a Celiac Diet. My daughter is starting to show similiar signs, constipated from too much wheat etc. I am going to have her blood work done, and then take her off Gluten and see how she does. Keep in mind, that often the blood work for children is not accurate, you can get a false negative. However, is you find that after loading up on fruits/veggies, etc your2 year old still is constipated I would have her blood work done since you have a gluten intolerance. Also, she could be reacting to dairy or something else. I have found doing a food dairy with BMS has really helped track my children's symptoms. You might want to try that. Good luck!
  2. I noticed a difference in my son within 1-2 weeks. Behaviour, energy, etc. Then after about 1 month he seemed like a completely different kid. Hyper, healhty, running around, no more constipation issue. I would put both of your kids on a Celiac diet immediately and I agree, take out dairy/soy also. You will notice a huge difference I bet.
  3. When my kids were litte, under 1 year of age, I gave them tri-v-sol vitamins and I you can get it with extra Iron. It was a liquid that I gave them with a dropper. They really liked it! It was over the counter. I do remember that my son had some staining on his teeth and it was from the extra iron, he didn't need it. I would ask your doctor or pharmiscist about it. Good luck!
  4. My son is on a gluten free diet and shows all the signs of Celiac. We are unwilling at this point to put him back on gluten for 3 mths to do a biopsy. He is 3 1/2. Our current diet is working for him and he is doing great. His sister is 2 and has shown some signs of wheat intolerance just in the last few months. (Constipation, similar signs that her brother had before his symptoms got really severe). I took her off wheat and in 6 days her stools were soft again. Our doctors are recommending we do a blood test on her b/c she should ideally still have gluten in her system. They are recommending putting her back on wheat for 2-4 weeks and then doing the celiac blood work up. Here are my questions: How much gluten do you need to have in your system daily in order for the blood work to be accurate? I feel like she did not have a large amount. Just grape nuts for breakfast and spelt bread for lunch. How long...weeks do you need to be on gluten in order for the blood work to be accurate? I feel like no one knows the answer to this! The doctors are saying a month more for her. Doesn't it make sense that if she is showing signs(constipation) then their should be enough gluten in her system to have an accurate blood work done? I think my struggle as a mom is if she gets constipated and uncomfortable how long to let her endure that way. I want to get an accurate test done but certainly not at the expense of my daughter's comfort. Thanks for your help.
  5. My son is gluten free and Dairy free and keeps asking me for chocolate easter eggs! Does anyone know of any? Thanks
  6. I am wondering if anyone has a good bread machine recipe they would recommend. I am looking for a basic recipe for my 31/2 year old for sandwiches, etc. There are SO many out there I thought I would check with you all before making a bunch of bad gluten free bread! Also, I am looking for a gluten free/dairy free sour cream substitute. Any recommendations? I have been using Tofutti's Sour supreme but they can't say they are 100% gluten free so I am unsure about it. Thanks
  7. I just found this message board last night and was so encouraged! It is so great to hear from others that are experiencing the same things I am. Here is the summary....my sweet son, 3 1/2 has been in the hospital 6 times in the last year. Mostly dehydration after throwing up randomly, constipation, and then more recently severe cramping, bloated, constipation etc. In November, they kept him for a week and ran every test I thought was possible. They sent us home with no answers and still a screaming toddler with massive pain. From a recommendation, we took him off Dairy and Gluten. We saw immediate results and we had a NEW and DIFFERENT kid. It was fascinating. I was told to try to reintroduce gluten and dairy and tried both with terrible results. Within days he was constipated, cramping, etc. We can't test him at this point b/c he has been gluten for too long. So my mom gut says he has Celiac or a severe gluten intolerance. Either way, our diet is the same. I am in that place of being overwhelmed and trying to change our family's eating patterns. So my questions..... 1. I have a 2 year old daughter. She has shown no signs yet. My son didn't start showing signs until 2 1/2. Should I limit her gluten? She doesn't get much anyway b/c we are mostly gluten free but I wasn't sure b/c of how genetic it is. ( Our peditrician today just told me he thinks my daughter and I should be off Dairy. When I was nursing her she couldn't tolerate me eating any dairy althought she seems fine with it now. B/c I am pregnant he said drinking Dairy now could make my baby have more problems with Dairy). 2. I am currenlty pregnant and due in May. Should I be limiting my gluten for my baby? When I am nursing should I be limiting my gluten? 3. Are their nutritionalists that specialize in Celiac that I could try to find? 4. I read the posting about the Rice Milk. My son drinks TONS of it and I just assumed it was OK b/c of the small amount. I guess I didn't realize the severity of even a small amount 5. Sour Supreme-Tofutti sour cream. I have looked on line adn they don't give a straight answer on whether they are gluten free. What do you guys think? 6. Should my husband and I get the blood test? Or maybe even my daughter? Thanks for any and all help!
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