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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Haley's corner Bakery is in Kent,here is the website. Great breads and cakes and cookies. Try some while in town. The Pecan Tart is amazing if you like Pecan Pie. They will take orders and make you pretty much anything you want,like dairy free and nut free stuff like that besides Gluten free. Great people who run the place very friendly! Haley's Corner Bakery
  3. TJ, Hey welcome,you found the best site around for going gluten free,there is a wealth of info here on the site. There are some others too. Yes it is hard giving up gluten,but does the trade off seem worth it to you? You say you are feeling better already. It's worth it to me. I felt I was close to death by the time I was diagnosed. I had to have a blood transfusion. I feel so much better! It is hard but it is also doable. There are many more people being diagnosed everyday and it is getting more well known,and they are a lot of great folks trying to develope products for celiacs. My hat's off to them. There are many great products out already. Give some a try,it takes some getting used to but hang in there. It Will get better. Good luck! Hang in there TJ....Celiac is not any kind of punishment for anything you may have done,so don't beat yourself up for it......it's just we can't eat it. There are lots of people here who will be happy to help you! Mike
  4. That's a good point SSG,I can't tolerate any of the artificial sweeteners,they give me an almost immeadiate headache,and I hardly ever have headaches. Something to think about surely. Mike
  5. Yes I do. I usually just take my own food,to avoid any problems,especially being in a plane ant not feeling well,doesn't go together. I think this site is the best one out there for correct info on Celiac.

  6. Hi Subhangi, I drink Coke a bit and I have no problems. I hate saying that because this disease affects everyone differently,and even if you aren't having symptoms,doesn't mean it's gluten free,you still need to verify. The best thing to do is call the manufacturer. They all have 800 numbers. I know it sounds like a pain,but you would be sure and it would ease your mind. Here is a link to mainstream products that are gluten free on this site. http://www.celiac.com/st_main.html?p_catid=12 Mike
  7. Hello Alissa, Yes, I was thinking the same thing,or a restaurant,so celiacs could get anything in the place and not worry at all. However you would need a population base to support you. I live in a city of 250,000 and in the surrounding area ;about 1 million within 10-20 miles. 2 million + within 30 miles, But with you being on Cape Breton pop. aprox 150,000 ,I don't know if you would have enough people who were confirmed Celiacs,if 1 in 133 people are,then you have maybe 1,000 ,but how many know? Now if you are talking on the internet. That's a different story. Good luck to you if you give it a go! Michael
  8. Yippee another Veggo! Do u know how hard it is to get Gluten free veg meals on a plane??

  9. Hi, I don't have the sweats but,I was diagnosed back in March by biopsy. Before I was diagnosed I almost never had headaches,if I did I could almost think them away. The last couple of weeks I have been getting headaches,so I was wondering the same thing as you. Were they being caused by gluten withdrawl. The headaches aren't really bad but I get them almost everyday. Makes me wonder if it's possible though. Michael
  10. In the distilling process gluten is supposed to be too big to get into the final product,but everyone is different in how it reacts. But maybe it was something else in the drink? There is one Potato Vodka I know of.. http://www.glaciervodka.com/ made here in America, in Rigby, Idaho
  11. Actually Larry,there are people who have celiac to such a degree that they could die from eating such a small amount,it's different for each person. I personally know someone who is that sensitive,but on the other hand she never eats things like that that are packaged. Mike
  12. Well you know Nancy, if they ever do diagnose all the people who do have Celiac,what are they going to do with all the wheat that we don't eat...Hmmmmmm?
  13. I have just been diagnosed as recently as last Friday March 2 2007. I have been reading a lot info online and of labels which I do anyway being vegetarian. I noticed in Trader Joe's they have a lot of products I could use but are "made in factories which also process soy, WHEAT.nuts and milk products. What the I can't understand why they would do this. I will not use any products labeled in this way. They will lose a lot of sales ,manufacturing this way, I believe. At least by me I will not take the chance. I have seen many other products labeled the same from Amy's kitchen,these are also on my do not buy list. These manufacturers really need to get it together in my opinion. There are so many potential customers available to them( 2 million), but will not buy for the chance of cross contamination.
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