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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks, I blame it on the brain fog.:)

  4. Vegan Diet Questions?

    I know I'm late posting to this thread, so if you don't read this, oh well, but in case you do: I've been reading a lot on the subject of B12, and thought I'd point out that some problems of absorption could be caused by your doses. You can get the proper amount, but your body can only absorb so much at a time, and the rest is discarded. I only skimmed through this thread because I'm in a bit of a rush right now, but someone mentioned a supplement they put under their toungue and disolved it. That can also be an issue with regard to absorbtion. That is to say, the disolving kind are good as they absorb better than the kind you swallow whole. I can't find a supplement that's just the right dosage, but I take one that's more than sufficient to absorb properly in one day with one dose per day. My supplement is 250mcg/dose. My personal rule is to try not to exceed 2,000 mcg/week in B12 supplements, and never more than 5,000 mcg/week in B12 total. What seems to stick in my mind is about 3-10mcg per dose if you take one dose three times daily, the once per day dose is about 100?mcg per day?, and the weekly is about 2,000mcg taken once each week. I do the daily version. Okay, I'm not making any sense I think, so I'm just gonna post this in case someone smart sees it and fixes it for me. It's past my bed time
  5. Anyone happen to know off the top of your head if Xanthan Gum is made from corn?
  6. So many of you have responded and given me such good advice, I don't know where to begin! Thank you all so much! I've been greatly encouraged by reading all your responses, and I'll be revisiting this thread to re-read what you've said Hathor: I would be interested in finding gluten-free sources of vitamin B12 since I've done some research into how it became deficient, and most importantly the fact that I could become deficient in it, and I'd also like to know more about omega 3s since I haven't found much useful information about that topic. Cassidy: I haven't very well defined "processed foods" yet. I guess I should be asking what should be considered processed, except I'm not sure if such a question belongs on this forum. The definition I got from my doctor isn't very well defined, and I'm not interested in paying another bill for more information from him. As I recall, it goes something like, "Foods that haven't gone through a significant change from its natural state" .. or did he say a "chemical" change? I don't remember exactly, but it was so vague that I'm sure his definition isn't important. It's clear I have some further research to do to decide how "processed" a "processed food" should be before it's considered potentially harmful. Or at least nutritionally deficient. To all, you've provided me with a load of very useful information and suggestions, and I owe you big time! You can be assured that I will actually be following those suggestions, especially since I feel like I'm out of options .. besides, you've opened up not just one, but several whole new worlds full of dietary options for me! Like RiceGuy said, before I came onto this diet change, I was highly limited in the foods that I ate. Now that I think of it, ten years ago, I ate pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches (sometimes with tomato soup), cerial (with milk), and .. well, that comprised about 99.9% of my diet .. so yeah, I was limited! I haven't peaked into any of these doors yet that you've shown me, but I'm already convinced that whatever's behind them is far more than I could use in a lifetime! So, um, that was my really long way of saying thanks .. I have been called a windbag on many occasions, so I'm trying to work on that
  7. I don't want to eat them
  8. I'm not sure what I'd do if I were to discover I have a problem with corn. It seems to be in everything I eat. It's my understanding that Xanthan Gum is made of corn. Is that correct? If so, that could be something to test for as well. I like what Xanthan Gum does for my recipes, and I would be sad if I had to cut it out. Best of luck with your corn exclusions! I don't envy you, though if I were in your shoes, I'd be willing to go as far as I had to for good health Who knows, based on how common it is with celiacs, I may one day find myself right where you are with corn
  9. Whoa, thanks for reminding me! I need to be careful next time I go to the dentist to be sure not to refill my fillings with mercury! My old fillings are about 20 years old now anyway, and should have fallen out on their own by now, lol .. My sister knows of a dentist who is very careful about such things.
  10. I agree with mommida in giving it more time. At this point, I'd be willing to do anything. Since you've found a diet that makes you feel good, you're ahead of me! As I was reading your strict diet restrictions, it sounded very much like my restrictions, except I must also exclude meat, fish, and eggs. I'm also trying to cut back on processed foods, even eliminate them if I can (within reason, I mean, I don't wanna be an idiot and end up dieing of malnutrition). I was wondering if you could tell me what it was you do eat, with a reasonably limited amount of effort. Who knows! Maybe I even have your condition, but am not yet willing to revisit the doctor to find out because I've already spent more than my share of time and money with doctors over the years, and I don't wanna go through that again. I'm perfectly willing to eliminate anything and everything from my diet, as long as there's something else I can eat instead so I don't have to spend so much time and effort wondering what in the world I can eat. If I can just get started, maybe I can create new dishes and meal plans from there, and I can help find other ways to get the nutriment we need. I haven't eliminated caffeine, potatoes, rice, corn, soy, beans, or some acidic foods, and I don't know what cruciferous veggies are (nor does my spelling dictionary), nor sulphites (in terms of food), but like I said, I'd be willing if it would just make me feel better I'd love to be able to help out, but I need a starting point.
  11. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease many years ago after discovering I was intolerant to lactose and allergic to several unusual foods and eggs and sagebrush (lol). Since that time, my doctor has helped me identify even more food allergies. I could never bring myself to eat meat. Now, I can't eat dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, wheat, sage (unrelated to sagebrush), and now I've discovered my body is accumulating too many toxins from processed foods. I read in a book (I don't wanna get in trouble for advertising) how processed foods aren't good for you anyway. I'm heavily involved in scientific research myself, and was carefully walked thru the research projects involved in the claim, and the principals behind them, and I'm convinced the author is correct in his claim. However, that leaves me with what to eat? String beans and peaches? Even with a banana, that is not enough to live on for any length of time. What if I later discover I can't eat corn, or perhaps soy? I think I've learned too much about what to exclude from my diet, and not enough about what to eat instead. I hope someone else out there has worked through this problem or something similar, and has some advice about how I might reinvent a properly balanced diet with such a severely limited set of options available to me. Perhaps I've overlooked something. Perhaps the disadvantages of eating a certain food are not as extreme as they seem. Know this, however: I won't eat meat. I could tell you why, but it would take a pretty large book, possibly several books, and I don't think you want to read them, but I won't be convinced to eat meat, and I don't want to be criticised for that. I've come up with a fairly accurate description of the type of diet I'm looking to achieve: A gluten-free, whole-foods, plant-based diet. Sounds crazy, but that's pretty much what I'm left with, and I don't know what I can make out of that to live on and be healthy and content for the rest of my life. .. I'm not dancing and ranting frantic about this, nor am I curled up in a foetal position melting in a corner with my laptop in a final desperate plea, but this is important to me. I simply wanted to convey that, not to elicit any unwarranted concern. When faced with a choice that means life or death, I will always choose life.
  12. Just a skewed blurb to say my mother's dog is on a gluten-free diet too, and is allergic to wheat and corn, and she's also intolerant of something in dairy and eggs. It amused me to find the only other member of the family who (almost) shared my diet was a dog. (≈10-year-old Dalmation)
  13. NoGluGirl, Thanks very much for the recipe It will get a lot of use!
  14. Happy Birthday Abug.

    Hope it was a wonderful day!

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