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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My husband was diagnosed in March of this year. Not sure how far you are into this... Everyone says to replace the toaster and all banged up utensils. I bake a lot so that meant a new set of baking pans.. cookies sheets etc. figure anywhere that your bread touches his will too. and it's not good. I have found that my hubby is ok with some foods and not others. But I guess it's not worth testing depending on his symptoms! Everything is reading the labels. When he was first diagnosed we took turns going to the store (cause we have two kids) so we could take time out to read labels. I was surprised to find out a lot of gravy mixes have gluten in it. Thus the frustration begins. If the label doesn't say gluten in it specifically read all the way to the bottom... it will say something like.. made on machines that has contact with wheat, peanuts, or milk products. Just another problem to deal with .. I spent about 55.00 (a deal actually) on a 1 - 2 pound loaf breadmaker. He likes the favorite sandwich bread mix. I have tried a couple others but the stuff you get in the store is awful and usually really hard. At least by making it in the breadmaker he can freeze what he doesn't want and take it out as he needs it. at least it doesn't go to waste! Hopefully this helps...
  3. My daughter was diagnosed with Dyspraxia which is a motor coordination disorder, she was also diagnosed with a behavior disorder (disruptive disorder). I have tried the support groups they have specifically for this problem and they are no where near supportive as you guys! I posted a few things on the websites in July and still have had no reply. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with these types of problems in kids or know where I can go to maybe get some help and answers? I am so frustrated.. I am trying to help my daughter as well as my family to deal with this and no one has been able to. Please, if you know anything or might know someone dealing with this please let me know.
  4. My kids went out to get ice cream from the ice cream man, and it was then that I realized that my husband who is the celiac of the family cannot have anything! The kids both got an ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. It gave me an idea. My husband really likes the chocolate chip cookie mix from Bob's Red Mill. So I made up a batch. I remembered reading a recipe about ice cream cookies. Since the cookies from the mix come out so small I used cupcake pans and lined each section with a small square of foil. I let the vanilla ice cream sit out a few minutes to get soft and workable. with a teaspoon I smoothed out a small layer of ice cream and put it in the freezer. you will need to put them back in the freezer to get shape again, but it doesn't take long. When the cookies were done and he was ready, I had small patties of ice cream all ready for assembly... take two cookies and one of the ice cream patties and make a sandwich. I normally would have used mini choc chips but I didn't have any on hand so I chopped some regular chips up and rolled the sandwich so the chips covered the ice cream on the outside. Now he can make them at a moments notice! Thought I would share! happy eating!
  5. No, you're right on. Basically, italian food is one of a handful of spices! LOL.. I haven't read anything about spices being bad but wasn't sure. as long as the spices are gluten free I can bread stuff right? I make cutlets, turkey or chicken, I think the only other thing I use is eggs and those are ok right? Ugh, I know I will get this eventually! Thank you
  6. Ok, I'm new to this. My husband was just diagnosed a month ago. here's the problem. I am italian and like breading things.. at least with flavor. we bought some gluten free bread crumbs, and if you ask me they are way boring. Is there anyway I can add flavor? Garlic, italian seasoning, parsley, etc? Any ideas, suggestions? Or are spices gluten filled as well? If so, what spices should I stay away from?? Help!
  7. thanks for the ideas on beer, I think that was the first thing he sought out! I think the one he likes is New Grist. I think Red Bridge is the other one he likes. I am trying so hard to be supportive//it's extremely hard with my kids though. they are 9 and 7 and my daughter is extremely picky. I think her entire menu consists of 6-7 things. It's hard to get her to eat anything much less the "weird" (in her eyes) tasting food. I just keep asking questions and listenting to all of the advice. I get so frustrated and think I should be doing better for him but all I can do is keep learning! Thanks again..
  8. Thanks so much for the info. I bought some tapioca rice rolls the other day.. there is no heating instructions so i guessed. besides that my hubby liked them. Didn't know they had english muffins. thanks so much for your help
  9. I logged on in here a few days ago, posted a few questions, and never introduced myself! Have a feeling I am going to be here a lot! So far, everyone has been great! Lots and lots of great advice. My husband was just diagnosed with celiac about a month ago. I think my biggest issue is keeping the kitchen seperate. I have two kids, who don't necessarily like the taste of non gluten foods. It's been quite an adjustment. I read (from one of you very helpful people) that I should use a big magic marker on foods that cannot be contaminated. Great idea. Still working on keeping everything straight and actually thinking about what I'm making. Dinner seems to be the biggest challenge. Meats are ok, but the sides are what kills us. I'm italian so I cook lots of pasta... I know that's easy but bread is another issue with my husband. Problem is all loaves are so small! We need Wonder bread to get a hold of a gluten free recipe and bake it for us! Oh well, thanks so much for all of your help so far, and best of luck to everyone! Happy De-glutening!
  10. We are a family of four. my husband has celiac, do I have to really have two toasters or can I buy a 4 slice, and split the slots...two for him two for my family or regular bread?
  11. My husband was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago, and since then we have been trying to educate ourselves on what he can and can't eat. Every day it's something new. Now I found out I have to get a whole set of utensils, toaster etc for him alone. besides the food being really expensive, is anyone else really frustrated and bummed out by the financial burden of all of this? My husband worries constantly about our money situation, now add this to the mix. Are there any lower priced stores that anyone knows about..? Another thing I was wondering is how do you handle going out for dinner, but to a relatives house, where it always isn't possible to require them to have two of everything in their kitchen? Do you bring your own food? Any suggestions?
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