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  1. hey everyone, another question for you. I have celiac and my hubby and 2 steps at home don't. Can I still bake things for them that are not gluten free? And what is the thing about getting rid of teflon pans and cutting boards? I need to know, I may be sabotaging myself. thanks, mp
  2. Hey Jersey, reading your post made me definitely sit up and take notice! I went to my dr. last june for slight numbness and tingling in my face. Only on the right side of my mouth. They did mri and found nothing and my dr. said oh well. It has been off and on and kinda freaks me out. Glad I am not alone. mp
  3. Ursa, You are a wealth of information! I didn't know that about the villi. When I had my endoscopy the pictures they took and the biopsy showed NO villi present. Completely damaged. No one said anything about the dairy and I eat cheese on a daily basis. Maybe that's why the D not improving. Maybe I should cut out the dairy for awhile. I'm gluten-free for 2months, should I wait and then try dairy free, what is your opinion? My dr. doesn't give me much in the way of answers. thanks for any help mp
  4. Wow, I thought it was enough to feel crappy(haha) but you have my sympathies. It must really be tough dealing with all the stuff you have. I will count my blessings that I only have celiac and fatty liver. From reading everyones postings, I hope celiac is all I have as far as food intolerance. Am I the only one who has gained 20 lbs. in the past 4 years and even if I look at food, any food, I bloat like a balloon? It seems most celiacs are skinny? Yes, everytime I eat- its in and out. Still no weight loss.
  5. Hi, I'm new, endoscopy, blood tests, and gastric emptying study in jan. So many Questions, my nutritionist no help, my gastroenterologist no help.... No problem eating fruits, veggies(steamed and raw), lots of meat(boneless, skinless), I don't find the eating that difficult, my family ate this way anyway. My difficulty is what not to eat as far as-caramel color. On someones topic they said Coke and Pepsi are ok. It's my understanding we can't have any dark pop. Anyone have scientific evidence? Plus, I have been trying very hard for 2 months and my symptoms are not getting better. Am I missing something? I read all ingredient lists. Also, distilled vinegar. Some say no, some yes. I bake my own bread and pizza crust from Gluten Free Pantry,tastes fine to me. I don't do alot from scratch. I work full time, have 4 kids-one quadriplegic grownup I take care of 3 times/week, one in college, one diabetic, and one 13yr.old sports nut and I am taking a college course. I just feel like crap all the time and keep waiting to start feeling better and staying out of the bathroom. I was so glad to read some posts here. I am not alone. Thank you for being here. And my oldest(the quad)did the blood tests and she is gluten intolerent so she is working it out too. And the paperwork my gastro guy gave me said we all are probably going to get lymphoma or some kind of cancer. Scary! Any response? Thanks, mp
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